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Construction of information system

It is the center of retail banking customer A major financial group has a wide range of experience in handling mainly management systems.

Installation result
· customer Management system
· CRM system
· Telemarketing system
· Sales support system for product lines (investment trusts, annuity insurance etc.)
· Credit Information System
· Contract system
· Rating system
· Private banking system for wealthy people

Build market system

We have a track record of establishing a global risk management system including overseas bases.

Installation result
· Credit risk management system
· Market risk management system
· Derivative system for branch offices
· Operational Risk Management System
· Total Support (End User Computing)

Build net banking system

We have a wealth of achievements in full-banking compatible system centering on Internet banking, and we have many achievements including support for web and smart phones.

Installation result
· Internet banking system
· ATM network system


Construction of life insurance related system

Construction ~ Maintenance · Enhance We support long-term mission-critical business outsourcing.

Installation result
·Fee system
· Contractual maintenance system
· Swap management system
· Corporate sales system
· Workflow system
· Call center system
· Payment system

Construction of non-life insurance related system

Construction ~ Maintenance · Enhance We support long-term mission-critical business outsourcing.

Installation result
· Mandarin liability insurance system
· Workflow system
· Change reception system
· Damage investigation system
· Call center system


Trading system construction

We grasp the flow of each system from the core system to the information system and support system construction.

Installation result
· Trading system
· Information provision system
· Settlement system
· Transaction affiliated company system
CASE STUDY Securities trading system construction
Securities trading system construction High reliability required finance system system development We provide information system with flexible and advanced safety and stability.

Construction of Internet trade system

We have a record of system construction to provide the application system for securities trading account opening as ASP.

Installation result
· Account opening reception system

Credit / Other

Credit card system construction

We support a wide range from the core system to the information system, from system design to construction and testing.

Installation result
· Credit risk management system


Construction of operation based on ITIL

ITIL based investment management consulting, operational construction Services Provided. Total support from separation of development and operation to operation improvement

Installation result
· [Supplies Actual] HP Service Manager

Integrated operation management system of core system / information system

Server consolidation using virtualization technology · cloud technology · DB operation management system etc. middleware There are many achievements such as setup of.

Installation result
· System Walker
· JP1


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