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Disclosure Policy

Disclosure of Basic Policy

We will strive to provide information promptly to shareholders and investors based on transparency, fairness and continuity. In addition to striving to disclose information in compliance with the regulations prescribed by the Japan Securities Dealers Association, we will actively disclose information that is useful for understanding our company.

Public method

Regarding disclosure of important information, we will publish the materials at the helmet club (press club) etc. Also, it will be posted in the new arrival information column of this website.

Matters concerning performance forecast and future forecast

It is described on this website Cube System Inc. The current plans, outlooks, strategies, etc. that are not historical facts are forward-looking statements about the future performance, and these are prepared based on the judgment of the Company's management obtained from currently available information I will. Therefore, actual results may differ from these due to various risks and uncertain factors.

Silence period

In order to prevent leakage of settlement information and to ensure fairness, we have set aside the silence period from the 15th day of each fiscal year to the settlement announcement date. With regard to this period, we will refrain from commenting on the settlement of accounts and answering questions.

Matters posted on this website are: Cube System Inc. We are prepared to understand the financial information and management information of the company and are not created for soliciting investment. Please make decisions regarding investment at your own discretion.

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