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CUBE SYSTEM The system and system infrastructure Operation and Maintenance (Management of business applications / Infrastructure solutionsServices ) We offer business. With respect to these tasks, without regard to merely maintaining and maintaining the system, customers In accordance with changes in the business environment and evolution of new technologies, we will improve the performance and quality of the system and increase the value of the system. proposing by doing customers A system that continues to improve satisfaction EnhanceServices We are offering.

system Enhance Is system development Different skills are required, and high ability to support both business and system is required. In such circumstances, CUBE SYSTEM Is a business that we have cultivated over the years know-how When technology On both wheels Services Making visible and improving / reforming, many customers We have achieved high satisfaction with our customers.

We have traded on a continuous basis customers For EnhanceServices To improve PDCA Cycle "We continue to execute business reforms. CUBE SYSTEM This activity is called " Enhance We are naming "business learning activity" and realizing further added value provision.

Also, customers To improve operational efficiency and reduce costs request In order to respond to, in a secure and stress free environment offshore (China / Vietnam) EnhanceServices We also offer.

Installation result
· Life insurance related system construction 【 finance Work
· Construction of non-life insurance related system 【 finance Work
· Trading system construction 【 finance Securities
· Supermarket related system construction 【 distribution Work
· Convenience-related system 【 distribution Work
· Construction of home center related system 【 distribution Work
· Construction of apparel related system 【 distribution Work
· Co-operative cooperative system construction 【 distribution Work
· Construction of charge system [ telecommunication Work
· Contract management system construction 【 telecommunication Work
· Performance test · Evaluation 【 telecommunication Work
· database Environmental management【 telecommunication Work
· infrastructure design【 telecommunication Work
· Sales management related system 【Manufacturing industry】
· Production control system 【Manufacturing industry】
· Education related system 【Education】
· System for Government Offices 【Government Offices】
CASE STUDY GMS / SM related EnhanceServices
We will respond to diversifying environmental changes and realize further cost reduction and operational efficiency.


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