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telecommunication A carrier

customer Management system construction

telecommunication It plays the core business of business customer In the field of management, infrastructure solutions We have development experience with them.

Installation result
· customer Support system

Construction of charge system

In the field of billing business called billing service, we have numerous achievements based on extensive experience.

Installation result
· Price calculation · Billing system

Electrical telecommunication business person

Construction of contract management system

Major companies telecommunication By utilizing the development results and business knowledge that we have cultivated for business owners, we have a proven track record of building a contract management system that is a key system.

Installation result
· customer Contract system


Performance test and evaluation

We will identify in advance the tasks that may affect the system performance and investigate, plan and implement the performance testing method. Identify the performance bottleneck and make appropriate tune Lead to a method Services We are offering.

database Environmental management

Create an instance from test environment to commercial environment, create objects Services We are offering.
We also support data migration, logical / physical design, environmental parameter design at new server construction.

CASE STUDY Construction of system infrastructure for mobile carriers
With extensive experience and achievements, customers Optimal infrastructure construction tailored to the environment of Services We are offering.

infrastructure design

Product New function · New product etc. verified, system introduction proposing to hold. Furthermore, concerning BCP proposing · We have experience in designing and mounting. Considering the availability and extensibility of the system, we support method determination for non-functional requirement items from end users.


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