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Optimal system development Realization

CUBE SYSTEM Was backed up by knowledge and knowledge and abundant experience on each industry type · business system development Using the theory / tool technology and various element technologies, the optimum system development We are preparing a system with excellent cost performance.
While cherishing the conversation with customers, we have a wide range of customers needs We will respond accurately to the application system design and development, and support the improvement of the management efficiency of customers.
At the start of the project, a project plan was formulated, customers We will execute and manage the project under agreement with system development In the process, our company own We will carry out with development system / methodology.

F@CE (Framework @ Cube's Engineering)

Our company own Involved in application development Development Framework By doing so, it prevents leakage of work and realizes efficient project management.

nearshore / offshore

Hokkaido CUBE SYSTEM Utilized nearshore Development, Vietnam in China Subsidiaries Utilized offshore Development F@CE Based on the basis, low cost and high quality system development .

PMO (Project Management Office)

We will establish specialized units to solve project problems by project support such as quality control, progress management etc. We will promote and realize the success of the project.

PRM (Project Risk Management)

We regularly monitor the status of projects throughout the entire company and visualize project risks such as project credit, estimate accuracy, process completion criteria and so on to prevent problems from a company-wide optimization point of view I will.


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