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Abbreviation Advanced Customer Relationship.
From project goal setting to business plan (Plan), execution (Do), verification of results (Check), and drafting of business plan (Action), we proposing to customers as "ACR Report".
The Company What is PDCA Cycle and report whether you are performing the duties by, customers of needs and our Services combined vector of, customer by building further relationships of trust with, more value-added Services to provide activities That.


Abbreviation Advanced Partner Relationship.
The same activities as those described above for ACR should be performed for business partners that cooperate.


Founded on the basic policy of placing "Customer First", demonstrate an advanced “Brain-power (intelligence and knowledge)” in developing solutions that create "Emotional mind".


Framework @ Cube's Engineering Abbreviation .
With the change of the times customerrequest Seriously and provide it Services Standardization and quality improvement , And even had a firm methodology contracted businesses And knowledge Services Experience accumulated so far to aim for business · know-how And the latest industry trends, CUBE SYSTEM Established as a standard framework of.

Future Pass

A micro Services that can manage admissions for events and other events developed by our company using the image recognition platform "AIZE", a Services of Triple Eyes Inc.

Key Partners

A business partner aiming at mutual enhancement of corporate value by promoting improvements and efficiency improvement of management management method such as improvement of quality / technology, strengthening information security management, human resource development program and so on.

"Versatility" of CUBE SYSTEM

This expresses our desire to "grow through utilizing our multi-faceted versatility, symbolized by the shape of the CUBE".
As an independent systems integrator, accumulating know-how, advanced technologies in various fields.

We engage in candid dialogue with customers through one-to-one interaction, and develop human resources with advanced communication skills. 

As an independent business, we take on challenges and pursue what is best for our customers, for our partners, and ultimately, for ourselves.

We are building a global and versatile business model, focusing on collaboration with overseas business partners and offshore software development.

We are acquiring a range of elemental technologies based on our wide-ranging in-depth knowledge and expertise.

Through continuous reinvention, we are developing a youthful, adaptable coporate oraganization and culture by valuing self-reliance and the initiative of our employees.

System Outsourcing Services (SOS)

Corresponds to the system operation and evaluation, customers including the smooth operation of the system, corresponding to the smooth mechanism reform and system replacement Services.

System Integration Services (SIS)

Customers response to the information system construction phase, carried out from the user interface design and environmental design of the system until the system test through the basic design, production (programming) Services.

independent business person

Have sufficient ability to solve problems system engineer He himself said " customer In charge " customer Systematized from dialogue with needs We have responsibility and authority in a series of processes from order entry to development and project management, thinking things autonomously, customer In order to obtain satisfaction, it is a human resource who can judge what action should be given top priority and act.

all-employee sales system

We consistently manage projects from order receipt to delivery and payment confirmation " independent business person "The system that does not have a dedicated sales organization as its main axis.

Professional Services (PRO)

A technology Services that achieves high performance with a variety of development tools and technical levels backed by a high qualification rate, such as systemization consulting, database efficiency, and system monitoring.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Artificial intelligence
It is capable of performing advanced intelligent tasks and judgments that only humans could do, using artificially created human-like intelligence such as computers, or the technology that creates them.


Business Continuity Plan
Even when a company is in a critical situation such as a natural disaster, a large fire, a terrorist attack, a system failure or a scandal, it is necessary to carry out activities or an emergency that should be carried out in normal times so that important business operations can be continued or quickly recovered. A plan to arrange methods and means for business continuity.


Concurrent Versions System
Open source version control application software that manages the change history of text files. When multiple people use the same source code in software development, it is used to confirm changes in file contents and absorb differences.


To develop systems more flexibly and speedily by developing and operating systems in cooperation with the development team (Operations).

DX (Digital Transformation)

Of Digital Transformation Abbreviation
Initiatives that use digital technologies (such as IoT and AI) to transform businesses in order to respond to the digitalization the market environment surrounding companies. digitalization affects the society structure of business and personal life.

EC site

A popular name for websites that provide e-commerce Services. It is a site for selling goods and Services using the Internet.


Abbreviation for Electronic data interchange
A mechanism for exchanging various transaction data, such as ordering, shipping, billing, and payment, between companies via dedicated lines and telecommunication lines.


Abbreviation for Electronic Ordering System
Refers to an ordering system on a network, where companies and suppliers can exchange order data online with each other. For example, in a retail store, etc., the operations of ordering, purchasing, billing, payment, etc. are overall management by computer, and by placing orders from the terminals of the retail store to the headquarters and wholesale stores via the network, accurate and speedy ordering work is realized it can.


Internet of Things
To provide information transmission functions to various objects (objects) existing in the world and perform automatic recognition, automatic control, remote measurement, etc. by connecting to the Internet or telecommunication with each other. In recent years, people have not only things and things, but also things and people, things and things.

IT Architect

IT Architect Is the existence of designing the architecture of the entire IT system based on the information strategy of the organization. From the various technologies / products that can be elements of the system, consider the business requirements, the prospects for technology / products, the user's mastery of mastery, etc. to select the optimum combination.


Project Management Office Abbreviation
In a large organization, the whole organization project management A special department that is established with the objective of improving the capacity and quality of PM (PM) and assisting individual projects to be implemented smoothly. " Project Office " Project Support Division Also called also.


Point of sale
Point-of-sale (POS) system, a system that aggregates the sales results of goods sales on a single item basis. POS has been introduced in various places such as supermarkets, convenience stores, drug stores, apparel shops, and hotels.

Sier (System Integrator)


SI (system integration)

企業の情報システムの企画、設計、開発、構築、導入、保守、運用などを一貫して請け負うサービスのこと。 SIを行う企業をSier(エスアイアー、エスアイヤー)という。


SQL is one of the database languages and is called "esquel". database is a collection of data organized in a certain format. By operating an RDBMS (relational database management system) using SQL, it becomes possible to interact with the database to efficiently obtain, add, delete, and update large amounts of data.

Agile development

It is one of the methods of system and software development. By developing the requirements in order from the highest priority, and repeating the cycle of "requirement definition, design, development, implementation, test and operation" for each function, the system and A method for developing software quickly and flexibly in response to changing conditions.


Software that is developed and used according to the purpose and purpose such as personnel management, financial accounting, and inventory management.


In the software field, a computer program or data structure that has been defined (designed) in advance so that it can be processed and executed.
For example, in database, tools (computer programs and data structures) used by users to manipulate vast amounts of data.

Internet banking

Using the Services of finance institutions, such as banks, over the Internet using smartphones and personal computers. Deposit balance inquiry, deposit / withdrawal inquiry, account transfer, transfer, etc. can be used.

Infrastructure (Infrastructure)

Equipment and facilities such as computers that are the basis for operating and operating information systems, networks that connect them, software, and data.


Adjusting the current system to enhance and improve performance and quality, and to add / expand new functions. In addition to correcting programs, additional development of external systems, database Ya middleware of tune , Addition and replacement of hardware, and various other means.

offshore development of

To outsource and order system and software development work or operation and maintenance work to an overseas operator or overseas Subsidiaries.


When a company builds an IT system, it installs an information system such as a server or software in the company or its own data center, and then performs the system construction, operation, and maintenance work within the company.

Development Framework

A standard development process (development procedure) and development support documents (various work guides and design template) in the development process (from the requirements definition phase to the actual operation).
As a result, in the actual development project, it is possible to cover the variation in technology and stabilize the quality of the entire system.

Cloud Computing

One form of computer usage that makes maximum use of the network. Via a web browser or the like Services Using the application in the form of. user The data created by the computer is not in the computer but " Services By putting it on the side of "the same data can be used at any time from any terminal if it even connects to the network.

Private Cloud

Companies within their company Cloud Computing To the department within the company, group company etc. cloud services The form to provide.


It is a distributed electronic ledger that makes it extremely difficult to tamper with the history, and because multiple servers (computer networks) all have the same data, the system will function without problems even if some of them are destroyed. It is expected to be applied not only to finance systems such as virtual currencies but also to various fields such as distribution, manufacturing industry, real estate, etc.

nearshore development

Entrust a part or all of the system or software development or operation and maintenance work to a company or business establishment in a relatively short distance such as another country.

Merchandising system

A system that centrally manages a series of processes from demand forecasting, procurement, and inventory management of products displayed at stores.

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