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Our company Privacy Policy We will strive to properly protect and use personal information based on. In this policy, "Personal number" and "Specific personal information" based on the "Law on the use of numbers to identify specific individuals in administrative procedures" are not covered.

Safety control measures

With regard to personal information to be handled, we take regular education and safety management measures to prevent loss, falsification and leakage of information.
We will set up a manager in each department dealing with the department, and strive for appropriate management of personal information.
In addition, when outsourcing work that handles personal information, we appropriately oversee the safety management of the outsourcing company.

Compliance with laws and regulations and norms

We will comply with laws and various public guidelines concerning the handling of personal information.
In addition, we will establish internal regulations conforming to laws and various public guidelines, and will implement ongoing improvement.

Acquisition and use of personal information

In acquiring and using personal information, we will limit the purpose to the following, and we will not use it outside the limited purpose.
In addition, we will take appropriate measures to prevent non-purpose use.

  1. system solutions Offer
  2. Management of contractual relationship with business partners
  3. Management of shareholders
  4. Employment and Employee Hiring and Human Resources Management

Provision of personal information to third parties

We will not disclose or provide the personal information you provide to third parties unless you agree to the personal information or there is a justifiable reason.

Response to complaints and consultation

Our Group We will respond appropriately when we receive complaints and consultation concerning disclosure, correction, update and other handling of personal information about personal information.

Representative Director President officers and CDO Masahiro Nakanishi

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