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When was the company founded?

It is July 1972.

" CUBE SYSTEM Please tell me the meaning of the company name.

The word "CUBE" includes "CU = Customer / Customer First "B = Brain / demonstrate advanced intellectual knowledge", "E = Emotional mind / bring inspiration solutions The meaning of "is included. Also, the word "CUBE" has the meaning of "three surplus" besides regular hexahedron, " customer We take multifaceted and multifaceted issues of Services By responding with, customer We would like to develop synergistically with our customers' attitudes. "

What is the security code?

It is "2335".

When is the announcement of financial results?

Investor Calendar please look at. The full year financial results are in early May, the interim settlement is late in October, Quarterly Financial Report We have announced settlement of accounts at the end of one month after each settlement month. Specific publication will be published as soon as it is finalized.

Where is the transfer agent?

It is Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation.
For more information, Stock Affairs please look at.

Securities statement I would like to see?

Investor Archives please look at.

system solution What kind of project is business?

Our company, system solutions As a single project, we are professional as items Services ,System integration· Services , System outsourcing Services .
For details, Services system please look at.

Where are management indicators such as sales trends listed?

Financial indicator please look at.

CUBE SYSTEM Management policy of the future Vision I would like to know about?

Medium to long term management vision please look at.

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