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Our company, A company selected as the best partner We aim to become. for that purpose, customers And proper handling of information assets offered by individuals and organizations of our business partners and our information assets, customers It is essential to build and maintain a high trust relationship with.
here" Information Security Policy "And declare it to practice.

  1. We will conduct risk assessment from a multifaceted perspective on the information assets handled, and devise control measures that can safely and effectively utilize information assets.
  2. We will establish an information security management system centered on our officers and strive to secure information assets.
  3. Based on laws and regulations and various public guidelines, we will clarify information security compliance matters and practice this.
  4. We will cultivate high moral personnel based on awareness and responsibility as an IT company.
  5. We will improve and practice the process of planning, implementation, evaluation and improvement in information security and will make continuous improvements.

Representative Director President officers and CDO Masahiro Nakanishi

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