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The Company establishes relevant regulations and rules to comply with the laws, guidelines, and other norms applicable to personal number (My Number) and other specific personal information (hereinafter referred to as "specific personal information, etc."), We will implement the following measures to ensure safe and proper handling of our products.

Compliance with related laws, guidelines, etc.

We will comply with laws and regulations, guidelines and other standards applicable to specific personal information etc.

Matters concerning Safety Management Measures

In order to prevent the leakage, loss or damage of specific personal information etc. and to properly manage specific personal information, etc., it is necessary to clarify the responsibilities of employees, improve internal regulations, accidents such as employee education / training, leakage We will take measures such as physical and technological measures to prevent safety.

Acquisition, storage, use, provision and disposal of specific personal information, etc.

We will formulate in-house regulations, etc. that specify specific handling of specific personal information, etc., and we will properly implement acquisition, storage, use, provision or disposal of specific personal information etc. according to said rules.

Continuous improvement of internal regulations

We will endeavor to continually improve the handling of specific personal information.

Contact point for questions and grievances

For questions and complaints regarding proper handling of specific personal information etc. by our company, inquiry Please give me.

人事部 個人番号担当

Representative Director President officers and CDO Masahiro Nakanishi

Please feel free to contact us.