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Smile share product

issue of "Making employees smile using digital technology"
With contactless communication in the telework era
We support engagement between employees.

Contactless communication & engagement support between employees

Nowadays, the teleworking of business due to the corona wreck is progressing.
Many companies have problems with internal communication and control that had been smooth until then.
If left unchecked, it can lead to problems from employees' feelings of loneliness and blockage.
By visualizing SNS chat, which is a daily communication, it will be a key to improvement and lead to employee engagement.


Thanks Connect

By visualizing communication between employees from the SNS already used in the company, we support communication that is difficult to see by telework.



Evaluate the achievements of employees who are difficult to see by telework with "peer bonus". Engagement is enhanced by sending gratitude to each other.


Smile cash register

Easy non-contact payment with "smile" and "piece". We promote employee gatherings through “snack communication”.

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