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Sales management related system

We provide system construction that realizes one stop from estimation to ordering by real time connection with logistics system in estimate / ordering work and realizing addition of work.
Web browser · It is a technology that enhances expression power and operability of base applications RIA There are many proven track record using utilization.

Installation result
· Sales management system
· Production plan management system
· Order management system
CASE STUDY Construction of sales management related system for manufacturer
Shortage of lead time from design to manufacture, customers Ideal for the challenges faced by solutions To proposing I will do.

production management system

We support a wide range of fields such as system construction, accounting information, management information output system, infrastructure management of in-house systems, infrastructure management, etc., which covers almost all businesses other than manufacturing lines, such as management of manufacturing performance information and shipping information management .

Installation result
· Paper making system
· Accounting · Management information system


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