A new peer bonus network where you can give thanks in virtual currency



* Peer bonus refers to a system in which employees send rewards to each other, but we aim to send thanks to each other. It is a mechanism to express gratitude for advice, study sessions, and participation in community activities beyond the boundaries of the organization.

Gratitude is the point

"Thank you" Realized a peer bonus that allows employees to send their daily gratitude to each other. We support the introduction and operation of in-house virtual currency using Ethereum (blockchain infrastructure

Use the accumulated thanks as an in-house point!

Points sent as a form of gratitude both inside and outside daily work can be used to purchase products.

Also available at group companies including overseas!

The introduction can be used not only within one company but also between group companies including overseas. Let's build internal communication worldwide.

Promote communication by turning "Thank you" into points!

Employees can send and receive in the form of internal points as a feeling of gratitude for helping each other.
It can be used as part of benefits and promotion of the internal community.

Recommended for such companies!
Cubecoin can express gratitude for work and other activities and achievements across ages, positions and organizational boundaries.
Employees give gratitude to each other for their work and activities, which leads to increased motivation.
This will lead to further activation of communication between employees.

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