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About Corporate Governance

About Corporate Governance

When considering principal matters to our business, we believe corporate governance is an important part of our company to continue providing solutions and services that satisfy our customers. It also leads to more fair and effective manage of our business. Through enforcing compliance with laws and ordinances from our staff members, we endeavor to construct a management system that functions in appropriately and reasonably controlling and monitoring our company. Furthermore, this system allows our decision making from management to be clear and accurate and allows the execution of corporate and business affairs to be streamlined. In addition, the basic policy of our corporate governance aims to continuously raise the value of our business in order to meet the expectations of our stakeholders which includes our stockholders and customers.

Cube System Group Corporate governance Basic Policy

Statement about Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance System


Company Organization Details

  • ・Adopt a system for auditors
  • ・Form a board of auditors from three auditors.
  • ・Have all three auditors be from outside the company as stipulated in Article 2, Item 16 and Article 335, Item 3 of the Companies Act.​ ​​ ​

Improving Internal Auditing and Risk Management Systems

  • ・In order to improve the quality of project management, we implement field audits as well as project reviews when working with highly difficult projects. The results of these audits and reviews are then periodically reported at business meetings.
  • ・When considering legal risks, we provide overall management for each contract or agreement we have.
  • ・When considering basic agreements and important written contracts, we receive a review from a corporate legal counsel as a general rule to confirm any possible risks in the clauses of these documents or agreements.

Conditions of Auditing for Internal and Corporate Auditing

Internal Audit

The internal audit department (1 member) has been established with the company president having direct control over it and has been created to ensure the company fulfils its corporate social responsibilities. The internal auditor’s job is to impartially and objectively investigate and evaluate whether or not each department’s management and affairs are reasonably and effectively applying strategies in accordance with laws and ordinances as well as company statutes and inner rules. This is done in unison with inspecting the business plans of each department to confirm they are functioning reasonably. The results are then reported to the company president.​ ​

Auditor's Audit

An auditor’s audit is enforced by full time auditors (3 members). While auditors must attend all board of director and business meetings, they must also actively participate in other important meetings. This is so they may inspect the corporate management affairs as shown by directors in relation to financial, judicial and business related points of business. Furthermore, at the board of auditors meetings that occur each month, the results of these investigations should be reported and any proposals or recommendations to the board of members should be made if necessary at that time.​ ​

Accounting Audit

This audit is nominated by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC. The audit plan is to properly explain the audit before beginning to auditors and to then ensure auditors, internal auditors and directors are present during the announcement of the audit results. This is so that understanding of the results can be shared through the exchange of ideas.

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