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General shareholder information

About correspondence to new coronavirus infectious disease

  • ・ Those shareholders attending this General Meeting of Shareholders are kindly requested to check the infection status and their physical condition as of the date of the General Meeting of Shareholders, and consider the prevention of infection such as wearing a mask before visiting us. .. In addition, we may take measures to prevent infection at the venue of this general meeting of shareholders, so we would appreciate your cooperation.
  • ・ As a preventive measure against the new coronavirus infection, the attending officers and management staff will wear masks. Thank you for your understanding.
  • ・ Regarding voting rights at a general meeting of shareholders, it is an important right for all shareholders. If you are absent, please review the Reference Documents for the General Meeting of Shareholders, and exercise your voting rights in writing or via the Internet in advance.

About souvenirs

There will be no souvenirs available at this shareholders meeting. We appreciate your understanding.

(Starting from June 9th) Smart convocation Services

With the introduction of the "smart convocation" Services, you can view the convocation notice of the 48th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders from your smartphone or tablet.

Past General Meeting of Shareholders

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