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Issues to be addressed

Today's Japanese economy is affected by the new coronavirus infection, and although there are signs of recovery, the outlook remains uncertain and difficult. Under these circumstances, some industries are becoming more polarized by seizing opportunities and actively investing in ICT and expanding their businesses through business reforms. Our Group the first year of our medium- to long-term management vision << OUR VISION 2026 >>, we consider business expansion, Profitability improvement, human resource value improvement, quality improvement, and strengthening of governance system to be issues in achieving the plan.

Priority measures

Business expansion and Profitability improvement

In ICT investment, "digital" promotes establishment of competitive advantage and improvement of productivity by utilizing data and digital technology (cloud, AI, IoT, etc.) and transforming the business and corporate management model itself. Investment in "Transformation" (hereinafter referred to as "DX") is conspicuous.
We will aggressively invest in research and development from fiscal 2016 cloud services to our strengths, and form business alliances with partner companies that have new digital technologies to improve our Services menu. We have promoted efforts for enhancement and commercialization.
Based on this until the strengths and achievements of, «OUR VISION 2026» in the digital business, SI business, Enhance will continue to promote the three of business as the axis of the business. Especially in the digital business, we will promote the DX business and continue to actively invest in technology for the purpose of system consulting business and product development originating from our company. In the SI business, we will establish a Lift & Shift model by migrating a legacy environment to a cloud environment (Lift) and establishing a new methodology (Shift). Multi-cloud, micro-Services expansion of the collaboration business with SIer / manufacturers in, the establishment and the end specialized technology by the Joint Creation promotion of the cloud vendor user we will make the expansion of the business. Enhance business, we will further accelerate our efforts to achieve high productivity and high Profitability


Engineering skills are directly linked to Our Group 's competitiveness and differentiation, so system engineer 's continuous skill improvement and employee health, work style reform is regarded as an important management issue. Wovn. technology In addition to enhancing training programs to strengthen, we will strive to create growth opportunities by promoting projects incorporating advanced technologies and improve engineering capabilities through research and development.
In addition to the core Nurturing Human Resources that promotes business development, in order to promote the active participation of female employees and develop human resources who can play an active role globally, we will create opportunities for employees to take on bold challenges, including staffing, and follow up at the same time.・ We will establish a support cycle and continue to implement it.
In this term, we will continue to strengthen online new graduates, mid-career recruitment, and plan and execute human resource development to promote business growth with the aim of increasing human resource value. In addition, through the Human Resources Development Conference, we will accelerate the growth of our company into the ideal human resources image and secure Human Resources, which is responsible for high added value Services.

quality improvement efforts

In the industry to which we belong, Profitability is concern that profitability will decline due to the occurrence of unexpected unprofitable projects. system development meeting affects the entire company not only at the time of estimation / proposing but also for projects of high importance through processes such as grasping / confirming the status of the project for each process and determining the next process across the entire company. We share project risks and take measures. We will continue to review the process and improve the quality management system to reduce unprofitable projects.

Improvement of governance system

solutions that satisfy our customers, including the implementation of the above-mentioned priority measures, we consider the enhancement of corporate governance to be an important issue in order to work on fair and efficient management. We will strive to build a system in which the management communication process functions, and by organically managing management and execution, we will strive for appropriate and appropriate supervision, monitoring, and speeding up decision-making. In addition, we will strengthen reporting on management risks such as business strategy, personnel strategy, compliance, and security, and proceed with discussions and examinations on countermeasures.
Sustainable by promoting the restructuring of a business continuity program (BCP) that takes into account pandemics such as the recent spread of new coronavirus infections around the world, countermeasures against other disasters, and geopolitical risks. We will build an operation system.

Sustainability management

Our Group understands the obligations and roles that must be fulfilled for society development, and will realize both improvement of corporate value and society Local Contributions In addition, as Basic Policy of sustainability management, each employee should raise their health awareness, thoroughly comply with laws and regulations and corporate ethics, and work to reduce the risk of corporate activities that may have a negative impact on society We are here.
Based on this Basic Policy and Management Philosophy, we will utilize the strong "financial capital" and various "non-financial capital" that we have cultivated so far, and promote business activities to realize Vision society. A value creation model is a mechanism that contributes to development and enhances corporate value.
society solving social issues and achieving the SDGs, stakeholders to discover issues and work on them directly to provide value, and to provide indirect society returns through high-value-added Services customers.. In addition, stakeholders in management, we will circulate a value creation model and realize sustainable growth.
Our Group will continue to draw up growth strategies to realize its Vision through dialogue with stakeholders

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