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Issues to be addressed

Although the outlook for today's Japanese economy is uncertain, information Services industry continues to see growing demand for ICT investment by companies. At Our Group, we reached the final year of the medium- to long-term plan VISION2020, improved Profitability in achieving the plan, eliminated Human Resources shortage, Services menu We regard the creation and technology investment as issues to be promoted and accelerated while responding to the expanding demand for ICT investment.

Priority measures

Promotion of digital transformation business

In ICT investment, by utilizing data and digital technologies (cloud, AI, IoT, etc.) and transforming the business and corporate management model itself, we will establish a competitive advantage and improve productivity. The investment in “Transformation” (hereinafter referred to as DX) is outstanding.
Considering this as an opportunity for business expansion, we have made proactive R&D investment from fiscal 2016, and have converted technologies such as AI, blockchain, and cloud services into our strengths.
In addition, through business tie-ups with partner companies that have new digital technology, we are promoting efforts to enhance the Services menu and commercialize.
Based on our strengths and achievements so far, we will establish the DX Business Promotion Office, which is a dedicated organization, for the purpose of expanding the planning business and system consulting business, and promoting the DX business and making continuous active technological investment. Then, we will create a Services menu.


Since engineering skills are directly connected to Our Group 's competitiveness and differentiation, we consider system engineer 's continuous improvement as an important management issue. technology In addition to enhancing the training program to strengthen it, we will strive to create growth opportunities by promoting PJs that incorporate advanced technologies and improve engineering capabilities through research and development.
In addition to Nurturing Human Resources, which is the core of promoting business development, in order to promote the active participation of female employees and develop human resources who can play an active role globally, we will create opportunities for employees to take bold challenges, including staffing, and follow them.・We will continue to implement a support cycle.
In FY2020, while continuing to strengthen new graduates and mid-career recruitment, the Future Human Resources Development Center will be established as an organization responsible for planning and executing human resource development that will sustainably promote business growth for the purpose of improving human resource value. did. In addition, through the newly established Human Resource Development Conference, we will speed up the growth of our company to the ideal human resource image and secure Human Resources, which is responsible for high added value Services.

quality improvement efforts

The Company belongs industry, in addition to the occurrence of unexpected unprofitable projects, Services of the strong demand and competitors from customers for both quality and price of price competition due to intensification of Profitability decrease of is concern . Among them, for the most gazing at risk for quality, our current fiscal year Services of quality improvement for the purpose of system development we launched the conference. To grasp the whole project in an objective point of view, situational awareness and confirmation of the project of each process from quote examination, carried out the operation as a mechanism to support the next step judgment, etc., by avoiding the risk Profitability make the improvement of.

Improvement of governance system

In order to continue providing solutions that satisfy our customers, including the implementation of the above-mentioned priority measures, we consider the enhancement of corporate governance as an issue in order to engage in fair and efficient management, and we have an accurate and clear management intention. We will endeavor to build a management system that enables decision-making, prompt business execution, and appropriate and appropriate supervision and monitoring, and will ensure thorough compliance with the laws and regulations of officers and employees.
In fiscal 2020, we will strengthen the governance by establishing a mechanism for practicing organic management and execution, such as reviewing the meetings.

Sustainable management

In order to achieve sustainable growth, we will focus not only on financial value but also on non-financial value and strive to improve corporate value.
In order to achieve sustainable growth, we have put in place a system and environment so that our business can continue even in the event of a disaster. In the event of a disaster, we will set up a disaster response headquarters and implement top-down efforts for business continuity.
To prevent the spread of new coronavirus infectious diseases, we have implemented a work-at-home system that utilizes secure groupware, and have established systems and equipment such as immediate and appropriate company-wide notification in the event of a natural disaster such as a large typhoon. We will continue to improve these operations.
In order to improve non-financial value, we understand the roles and obligations that should be fulfilled for society development, and each employee contributes to the resolution of society issues through activities such as business and Local Contributions, improving corporate value and society issues. We will aim for management that realizes the solution. Specifically, in our business, by providing high-value-added Services that leverage our strengths based on our business strategy, we will work together with our customers to promote society issues through their businesses, thereby creating a richer and more harmonious environment. We will contribute to the realization of a prosperous society and enhance corporate value.

Through these three points of focus, we will continue moving forward to meet our VISION2020 goals and have our name - Cube System Group - become synonymous with the reliance and trust our company and services provide.​ ​

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