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Purpose of this policy

CUBE SYSTEM Then, various stakeholders We are striving to disseminate information by using social media to inform everyone of our company about our company.
We decide attitudes and behaviors to be observed in our social media participation and official account management.

Basic behavioral guidelines on social media

  1. CUBE SYSTEM Aware of being an employee of the company, the company's Management Philosophy · Based on ethics, act with good sense.
  2. Understand the characteristics of social media and make efforts to disseminate appropriate and accurate information.
  3. We recognize the impact of each person's information dissemination, always have awareness and responsibility, understand that we can not delete information once sent.
  4. We will take your opinions seriously from readers and other users of the information you send.
  5. Laws and regulations, society We will abide by norms, internal regulations and so on.
  6. It does not infringe the rights of third parties such as copyright, portrait right, privacy etc.
  7. When dealing with personal information, " Privacy Policy We will act according to.

Notification / change etc. of this policy

We will post this policy on our website and change it without prior notice as necessary.

As of December, Heisei 30

CUBE SYSTEM Social Media Official Account




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Terms of service

This agreement prescribes the rules for using the official account operated by the Company on social media.
  1. Information dissemination by official account
    Not all information dissemination through our official account etc. necessarily represent our official announcement / opinion. Official announcement · dissemination of views is done by IR news. Also, depending on the social media and accounts you use, the way of dialogue and information content may differ.
  2. Change of information
    We may change the information you sent afterwards.
  3. Reply / use of comment
    We may not always be able to reply to all comments received from users. Also, comments received from users Cube System Group We may use it for future activities etc.
  4. Troubles between users and third parties
    We are not responsible for any trouble or conflict between you or a third party and third parties.
  5. Prohibited matter
    Our company prohibits the following acts by users on social media. Please be aware that deleting posts and blocking posting accounts may be performed if one of the following applies.
    • · Acts contrary to laws or regulations or fears
    • · Acts leading to criminal acts or criminal acts
    • · Impersonate acting as a company, third party, etc.
    • · Acts of infringing a third party's intellectual property rights such as copyright, trademark right
    • · Acts that infringe privacy or portrait rights
    • · Acts contrary to public order and morals
    • · Inappropriate conduct including obscene expression
    • · An act of slandering an individual, a company, a country, a region, etc. and damaging honor or credibility
    • · Commercial actions that advertise, introduce, advertise, or solicit other companies 'or other companies' products
    • · Inappropriate acts deviating from the purpose of each social media
    • · Acts aiming at politics and religious activities
    • · Act to promote discrimination or discrimination such as race, thought, creed etc
    • · Acts that promote contents different from falsehoods or facts and mere reputation or reputation
    • · Acts of altering part or all of contents transmitted by our company
    • · In addition to the above, actions that we deemed inappropriate
  6. Copyright
    We can not reprint etc without our permission, except for acts permitted by copyright law, such as private use or citation, regarding the contents of our company. When quoting, etc., please be sure to specify the source by an appropriate method.
  7. Governing law · jurisdiction
    This policy complies with Japanese law. Regarding disputes arising with respect to the use of social media, the Tokyo District Court shall be the first examiner's exclusive jurisdictional court.

Please feel free to contact us.