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Change the "natural" of shopping
Face recognition touchless payment

Smile cash register

Smile cash register

With cash, smartphone, touchless
Smooth in-house shopping

By introducing a smile cash register, the resources and costs required for a regular cash register can be cut. No cash or smartphone is required, and you can easily set up a shop in any workplace. Furthermore, it is possible to further activate communication between employees by surrounding sweets.

With snack communication
New communication

From communication through traditional drinking parties to snack communication Would you like to create a new resting time for the company to create opportunities for conversation in your daily work and to work on results?

Can be linked with Thanks Connect and Cubecoin

Smile cash register can be linked with Thanks Connect and Cubecoin. You can make payments using the points you have accumulated through internal communication.

Easy settlement with "smile" and "piece"

Smile cash register can be settled with "smile" and "piece".
There is no need to take out cash or smartphones, and no cashier is required. Since the cash and smartphones required for conventional shopping are not required, we are pleased to introduce it in places where hygiene is strictly managed, where there are restrictions on belongings, and in workplaces where you cannot go out during work.

Recommended for such companies!
It is not just an in-house sale, but a new form of in-house sales to provide a place for communication.
We support you to create a new resting time in your company.
Smile Cash Register is a complete contactless payment system. Since the purchaser pays for himself, the selling cost can be significantly reduced. Also, unlike the conventional self-checkout, you can save the trouble of taking out cash and smartphones.
It is also recommended for businesses who work in places where their belongings and clothes are restricted or where cash and smartphones are difficult to handle.

User's voice

I found it very interesting with the new experience. 20s / female

It was convenient because I could make payments without having to take out my smartphone.

To newcomers I bought sweets at the smile cash register 30s / woman

To newcomers who are working hard on qualification learning When I thought I could do something, I remembered Smile Cash Register.

I feel that it has reduced my work fatigue a little. 30s / male

It was good to have an exchange such as rewarding juniors who worked hard and getting excited about new products.

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