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In promoting the establishment of highly sophisticated and diversified systems such as new construction of information systems, reconstruction of core business systems, project management Efficiency is more important than ever. Against this backdrop, as measures to "strengthen management capabilities" in project management, project management I do PMO It is becoming indispensable to set up.

CUBE SYSTEM of PMO ( project management office) Services The people of CIO and project manager To support the roles that should be fulfilled, based on a bird's-eye viewpoint Services Realization.
In addition to supporting development management of individual projects, we will support visualization and response of issues, information sharing among projects, risk control in projects, etc.

Also, in order to manage CIOs in a more bird's-eye view by bundling multiple projects, project review In addition to assistance and project coordination support, we will support cost management support, overall staff plan support, and so on.

Installation result
· Trading system construction 【 finance Securities
· Construction of credit card system 【 finance Business credit sales
CASE STUDY Securities trading system construction
High reliability required finance system system development We provide information system with flexible and advanced safety and stability.


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