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Introducing "Smile Cash Register", a communication created by smiles and peace!


Introducing the face recognition touchless payment "Smile Cash Register"!

Hello everyone. I'm Horiguchi, who is in charge of promoting DX.
Last time, we introduced the in-house point system "Cubecoin". (Last article)
This time, we will introduce "Smile Cash Register" where you can shop using the Cubecoin!
By the way, have you ever thought about the number of actions you usually do when shopping?
Have a clerk scan the product, put out a wallet, put out money from the wallet, etc ...
I will explain the features and mechanism of the face recognition touchless payment "Smile Cash Register" that allows you to easily shop by reducing various operations during such shopping.

Click here to download the pamphlet

Easy settlement with a smile and peace

Services that uses face recognition and hand recognition with the concept of "easy payment with a smile and peace".
Our Group Services in October 2020, and we are gradually expanding it not only to Tokyo, where our head office is located, but also to our bases in Osaka, Sapporo, and Nagoya.
Services is only a tablet and a barcode reader, and it can be easily installed.
Services that allows you to easily realize in-house sales and on-campus sales outside of our company without having to have a clerk for buying and selling.

Patent pending! Mechanism of "smile cash register"

As of February 2021, we would like to introduce the points of the patent-pending "Smile Cash Register" mechanism.
■ Point 1: Face recognition ■
One of the points of "Smile cash register" is face recognition.
This technology uses the image recognition platform "AIZE" of Triple Eyes, which is collaborating with us.
Register your face photo in advance, take a photo using your tablet device, and identify the purchaser.
In addition, the face photo taken will be deleted from the terminal after face recognition system authentication, so privacy will be protected.

* Please refer to the link below for "AIZE" by Triple Eyes.
 Image authentication platform "AIZE" link

■ Point 2: Hand recognition ■
Another point of "Smile cash register" is hand recognition.
This technology is identified using an AI model developed by us that recognizes hand gestures.
In the "Smile Cash Register" currently being developed within our company, we have set a gesture to identify "Peace" when purchasing and "Par" when canceling the purchase.
In this way, Smile Cash Register realizes contactless payment by using "face recognition" and "hand recognition".

For relaxation and communication

The "Smile Cash Register" developed within our company is active in various situations.
For example, the following scene.
・ For a snack break at 3 o'clock
・ For labor to subordinates who work overtime
・ Add warm soup to your lunch box for health management
If you have a smile and a piece, you can easily buy it, so you can easily use it without having to take out your wallet.
Because of that ease, I usually share the snacks I bought at the smile cash register with my senior employees and consult with them about work.
It is also useful as an opportunity for communication.

By the way, the best-selling products at our company are as follows.
☆ Top 3 best-selling rankings (Tokyo, Osaka) ☆
1st place Dondonyaki
2nd place Charapaki dismantling picture book chocolate
3rd place Umaibo cheese flavor
1st place Puregumi (lemon)
2nd place Dondonyaki
3rd place potato comfort

Dondonyaki seems to be more and more popular in both Tokyo and Osaka!
Affordable price and nostalgic sauce taste are the secrets of popularity ...?
In Tokyo, the 3rd place is Umaibo cheese flavor, but the 4th place is corn potage taste, and the 5th place is Mentai taste and Umaibo taste.
If you have your favorite sweets, delicious sweets, or sweets that everyone has eaten, it will be an opportunity for communication!
Dagashi may be chosen because of its reasonable price and friendliness that makes every generation feel nostalgic.
Currently, sweets are popular, but in the future, we hope to enhance the lineup of healthy foods and simple breakfasts, which will help the health of our employees.

■ Smile cash register usage time ■
We tend to use the evening hours a lot.
It seems that it is used for a little chat after the end of work, and it is often used by employees who shift to work at night or work overtime.
Recently, restaurants have become too early, so rather than buying a convenience store lunch on the way home and eating it late, it is said that it is helpful to buy a light meal at the smile cash register in the interim time to finish dinner or fill the stomach. The voice is also heard.

This time, we introduced the face recognition touchless payment "Smile Cash Register" with examples of its concept and mechanism.
What did you think.
If you are interested, please contact us from inquiry
Looking at the graph of usage time zone, it is worrisome that there are employees who work until late hours ...
In the next "Thanks Connect", we will introduce how to solve such problems.
Stay tuned for the next update!

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