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Three Services line

our Services Is customer Depending on the informationization cycle of "system integration · Services "," System outsourcing Services ","professional Services Three Services · It consists of lines.

System integration· Services

Optimal system proposing · Construction

For many years of leading companies system development Cultivated know-how so,
Ideal for problem solving solutions Offer

"System integration· Services Is customers In response to the information system construction phase of the system, from user interface design and environmental design of the system to basic design, manufacturing (programming) through system testing Services is.
Our Group Is backed up by knowledge and knowledge and abundant experience on each type of industry accumulated so far system development Theory and tool technology, and distributed processing / network technology and other element technologies to optimize information system proposing · I am building it. In building the system, our company own Involved in application development Development Framework " F@CE Utilizing a number of system development It has been accumulated and improved through know-how To reduce risks and to realize higher quality system construction.

Optimal system proposing · Construction

System outsourcing Services

Involved in system operation and evaluation Services

Our primary strength is Enhance .
"Knowledge, experience, awareness" to improve business processes proposing It is connected to.

"System outsourcing Services Is < System operation >< Evaluation > , customers Smooth management of the system, smooth response to system reform and system replacement Services is.
Hardware constituting the system, basic software, database , "System operation management" that creates, manages, and evaluates network environments, and "business application management" that maintains, manages and upgrades business applications and evaluates management processes solutions We are offering.
Maintenance and operation after system construction Services " Enhance Service " customer By carrying out tasks by closely contacting, various problems occur on a daily basis customers We resolve the idea together, building trust.

Involved in system operation and evaluation Services

professional Services

Technology related to all information cycle Services

From infrastructure construction to system operation monitoring, specialists can needs Correspond to.
Support from management planning and design stage including management support and information strategy.

From system consulting work consulting database Efficiency improvement, system monitoring, etc. A variety of development tools and technologies that realize high performance with a technology level supported by high qualification possession rate Services We are offering.
Among other things database Engineering specialized in technology, high technology In various fields customers Cutting edge database We support the environment. Total from introduction to design, construction, operation and maintenance solutions , Strengthening projects and supplementing weak points Services It corresponds widely.

System consulting
It is most relevant to the informatization planning phase and the system evaluation phase customer We will take on the challenges of the system planning support and requirements definition.
System replacement
migration Services
Effective system against strategic system renewal proposing And migration considering affinity and compatibility of products.
BCP compliant Services
Business continuity plan using OracleDataGard function proposing to hold.
Large scale data migration Services
End user requirements ( Services Time / data volume), based on an appropriate migration method.
System integration ·
System virtualization Services
Effective virtualization system to reduce TCO proposing And effective utilization of resources through system consolidation and integration.
Operation Services
Total performance is guaranteed from performance plan to implementation to evaluation, SQL tune · Method design { infrastructure · Performance by work} tune to hold.


Three Services line
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