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Visualization of thank you Introducing "Thanks Connect"!


Introducing "Thanks Connect" that solves communication problems!

Hello everyone. I'm Horiguchi, who is in charge of promoting DX.
It's been about a year since teleworking has become the norm.
The chances of working face-to-face within the company have decreased, and many people are still facing challenges in communicating in new work styles.
We also have communication issues, and employees are saying this.
 ・ It is difficult for Teams to make a small consultation with your boss. It was easy to talk to when I was in a nearby seat ... (manager)
 ・ Telework has increased, making it difficult to see the work status of members. Since the time for chatting etc. is reduced, each person
 It is difficult to grasp the situation and motivation. (Profession)
 ・ Because I was working remotely, it became difficult to chat. (General employee)

This time, we will introduce "Thanks Connect", a Services that can solve such communication problems!
Click here to download the pamphlet

“Thank you” is a new form of evaluation

Thanks Connect is exchanging "Like!" On its in-house SNS under the concept of "Thank you" is a new form of evaluation. ] Is visualized to visualize the quantity and quality of communication, and it is a Services
Currently, we are developing and conducting PoC within our company.

Mechanism of "Thanks Connect" to visualize communication

Here are some points about the mechanism of "Thanks Connect".
■ Point 1: Visualize communication between employees and within the organization ■
"Like!" By displaying the network of ”, the amount of interaction within the organization or team to which you belong, who interacts a lot with whom, etc., you can see who you have a close relationship with and your own. You can see who is the key person in communication in the organization or team.
Specifically, it has the following functions.

<My Page>
Who do you like? Or received "Like!" You can check the daily changes and patterns.
Especially, "Like!" In the network, I created this page with the hope that by knowing the people with whom I am interacting and their density and frequency, it will be easier for me to communicate daily and that I will be able to connect with people who have less communication. It was.

<Team dashboard>
"Like" in your organization or team ] And chat exchanges can be visualized.
Thinking about improving communication between organizations and teams by finding people who are active in communication and conversely, by knowing changes in the quality and quantity of communication between organizations and teams, and by knowing changes in the quality and quantity of communication between organizations and teams. It is a screen that will help you find people to follow and ask other organizations and teams with good communication tips for communication tips.

■ Point 2: Link with in-house SNS ■
We have introduced Microsoft Teams, and currently we are operating Teams and Sunkus Connect in cooperation.
In the future, we plan to gradually support widely used tools such as Slack and Chatwork.

Voice of the experiencer

The other day, we conducted a questionnaire and interview with our employees who are using the in-house PoC by using Sunkus Connect.
■ Visualization of communication with yourself
・ Since the members whose communication is estranged are visualized, I consciously talked with the members.
・ The members who seemed to be lacking in the transmission from me became apparent, and it became an opportunity to follow up.
 General employee
・ I started to have conversations with members who haven't been able to cooperate very much.
・ I tried to like it.
・ Increased communication to those who did not send "Like!"

■ Visualization of communication in organizations and teams
・ It is a good tool to know people who have strong or weak connections within the department.
 General employee
・ I would like to use this as an opportunity to increase contact points with other departments and groups.
・ In response to the question of job hunting students, "How strong is the connection with the vertical and the horizontal?"
I want to be able to explain it as evidence.

We still need to brush up, but it seems that they are conscious of and useful for improving communication as an individual, as an organization and as a team!

This time, we introduced the concept of Sunkus Connect and the opinions of users in the in-house PoC.
What did you think.
If you are interested, please contact us from inquiry
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Last but not least!

We will exhibit at "Blockchain EXPO2021 Spring" to be held from 4/7 (Wednesday) to 4/9 (Friday)!
If you are interested in our blogs so far, please come visit us and visit our booth! You can actually experience "Cube coin", "Smile cash register" and "Thanks Connect".
* Click here for details on EXPO "Blockchain EXPO [Spring] | Reed Exhibitions Japan Co., Ltd."

Next time, I would like to deliver the state of our booth at EXPO and the state of the entire EXPO, so please look forward to it!

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