It is necessary for further stable utilization of Oracle Cloud
option Services To provide


DR site construction

Prepare for "if".
Ensure high business continuity even in case of disaster I will do.

Disaster countermeasure in Oracle cloud

Oracle's Data Guard solutions Design / construction of DR site using Services We will offer you.

customers We consider the optimal configuration plan for the system of customers The system quickly and easily do business Services We will be able to offer.

Oracle Data Guard

Prepare for real-time data synchronization

In normal times customers Real-time data synchronization on the production environment data on the Oracle cloud to prepare for a natural disaster.

When a disaster occurs, customers We change the orientation of the client to the DR environment, enabling business continuity.

RTO (target recovery time), RPO (target recovery point) customers Meeting the requirements of the DR site construction plan proposing I will do.

Key Features of Oracle Data Guard

  • Automatic transfer of redo log, which is the change log of Oracle, to the DR environment side database Duplicate
  • Automatic failover is possible, so you can ensure business continuity even in the event of a disaster

Recommended people

  • Those who want to protect important data
  • Those who have not yet taken disaster countermeasures
  • Those who want to build a DR site cheaply using the cloud



customers system's Back up valuable data Then,
We will protect the data from system failure etc.

Your request Backup according to

customers Of request , Data backup according to your budget is realized.

Data backup as a risk countermeasure at the time of system failure, backing up only a part of important data taking cost into consideration, wanting to evacuate only data to a remote place as a disaster countermeasure etc customers We will protect the data according to your convenience.

CloudBerry Backup

We will back up data safely

CloudBerry Backup backs up encrypted / compressed data on the cloud.

Key features of CloudBerry Backup

  • Automatic schedule and real-time backup
  • Encryption function
  • Compression function
  • Support for many cloud storage etc.

Recommended people

  • Those who want to protect important data
  • Those who want to use safe and reliable backups using the cloud
  • Those who want to back up to cloud storage more easily


Data linkage

By data replication in the cloud Fault handling and load balancing
With Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service

You do not choose a replication partner

Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service is an Oracle product feature that enables one-way / two-way replication.

By utilizing this function, replication is realized not only for the Oracle cloud environment but also for on-premises environments.

CUBE SYSTEM In Oracle GlodenGate used on-premises know-how Utilizing the high quality in the cloud environment Services Will be provided.

Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service

Oracle GoldenGate also realized in the cloud

Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service (GGCS) realizes the on-premises replication function "Oracle GoldenGate" in the Oracle cloud environment Services is.

We can provide one-way / two-way replication between Database Cloud Service (DBCS) and one-way / two-way replication between DB and DBCS on premises environment.

Key Features of Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service

  • On-premise and cloud database Real-time data transfer between
  • Encrypted, compressed data is parallelized and transferred at high speed
  • Provide parameter templates for easy construction etc.

Recommended people

  • If you want to do data synchronization as a measure against fault
  • Those who want to distribute the load so as not to put any further load on the existing DB
  • Those who want to minimize downtime when doing DB migration


Web Usability Improvement

Application performance and user Visualize the sense of experience,
Improve usability I will let you.

Troubleshoot performance issues quickly

In the "Application Performance Monitoring" which is one of the main functions of Oracle's cloud product "Oracle Management Cloud", visualization and analysis of application performance are performed, and Web users Services By improving, customers Accelerate your business.

Oracle Management Cloud Application Performance Monitoring

user Improve your satisfaction

Utilizing Application Performance Monitoring (APM) function of Oracle Management Cloud, it performs user bodily sensation response analysis, Web screen average stay time analysis, etc., and Web users Services We will try to improve.

Main functions of Application Performance Monitoring

  • Visualize and analyze actual end-user experience performance
  • Monitoring, detecting, and analyzing performance problems not seen in resource usage from the user's point of view
  • Analyze application performance in a graphical screen in detail and easily grasp error details by log analysis collaboration etc.

Recommended people

  • Person who wants to visualize the performance of business system
  • Those who want to quickly solve the performance problem of the operating environment


Log analysis

Every log Collection and visualization To
Analyze from a new angle.

From useful information to early resolution of disability

By analyzing logs visualized using Log Analytics which is one of the main functions of Oracle's cloud product "Oracle Management Cloud", we will acquire knowledge that we have not noticed so far, It leads to improvement.

Oracle Management Cloud Log Analytics

Pick up necessary information from mass log

Using the Log Analytics (LA) function of Oracle Management Cloud, search / analysis across multiple logs, high-speed analysis of large amounts of logs, system operator Services We will improve it.

Main functions of Log Analytics

  • Search / analysis across multiple logs (such as narrowing down by time)
  • Analyzes mass log at high speed on a GUI basis
  • Analysis etc. immediately without accessing the commercial environment

Recommended people

  • Person who wants to visualize the status of business system from log
  • Those who want to aggregate / analyze large amounts of logs

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