Oracle Cloud Service Assist for solving tasks and troubles on the operation side of Services Will be provided. We will assist you with comfortable cloud system operation.


Cloud monitoring

customers Of the cloud system Comfortable For use Operation infrastructure Build up

Operation using Zabbix infrastructure

customers But cloud services Operation to monitor the cloud system so that you can use it with confidence infrastructure We will construct. Operation using OSS Zabbix infrastructure By reducing the introduction cost, customers Comfortable operation infrastructure Will be provided.
Introduction of Zabbix

Zabbix cloud operation infrastructure Construction

Operation with Zabbix in order to monitor servers, networks, applications, etc. infrastructure We will offer you. Zabbix is compatible with many platforms, it is possible to monitor the entire system with only one Zabbix. Also, since Zabbix is open source, it can reduce installation cost.

Zabbix is a registered trademark of Zabbix LLC

CUBE SYSTEM Is a certified partner of Zabbix. Sure technology When know-how Utilizing Zabbix, we will introduce.

* Zabbx is a registered trademark or trademark of Zabbix SIA in Latvia and other countries.

Recommended people

  • Those who want to reduce the cost of monitoring
  • Thinking of introducing a new integrated monitoring tool


Cloud Information Office

customers It is difficult oneself troubleshooting And Oracle support question Matching We will act on behalf of

Our experienced staff is acting on behalf

As systematization progresses, we are only using our own staff customers I think that there are also many. However, as the system becomes more complicated, is not it sometimes hard to deal with a failure? Also, to support for troubleshooting question Even with matching, exchanging technical terms customers Is not it a painstaking task for you? CUBE SYSTEM Then, customers Failure response analysis and support that can not be resolved question We will implement alternate correspondence correspondence.
Build QA support

Proper support for building Oracle clouds

Iaas / Paas in the Oracle cloud Services We will do the construction by ourselves, but also for troubleshooting at the time of construction, unknown point to Oracle company, confirmation of specifications etc, for those who want to ask for support when something happens during construction QA support Services We will offer you.

Recommended people

  • First time introduction of cloud
  • Those who want to eliminate the concern when building the Oracle cloud
Operational QA support

Support for hands reaching itchy place

Oracle support for Oracle cloud deployment operation, failure response, technology, product question We have experienced staff such as matching, etc. customers We will respond instead.

Recommended people

  • Those who are new to cloud operation
  • Support for troubleshooting and resolution question Those who can not spend time on matching


Cloud clinic

customers But At ease To make Oracle cloud available Health check Ya tune Will be carried out.

customers Performing a health check of the system

cloud services Monitoring and operation alone is not sufficient for stable operation. Is current resource consumption reasonable? Is SQL processing aged deterioration? You may be consuming the meter of the cloud, without knowing it. In the cloud clinic customers We support comfortable cloud life. Why do not you conduct a health check of the system first? The problem found there tune We will respond by plan.
Health check

Check if there is a problem with your cloud system

If the system configuration is inappropriate or due to wasteful use of resources, "inappropriate bill payment" will occur. With the cloud system, it is possible to respond quickly to scale up and scale down the system. Moreover, I think whether there are also people who are in trouble because they can not identify problems concerning performance problems. CUBE SYSTEM Then, customers We will do health checks from the operation information of the company, we will do a wide range of advice, such as extracting problems in terms of performance and system composition in anticipation of the future.

Recommended people

  • Those who are currently wondering about the cloud system usage fee
  • Those who are thinking about scaling up looking ahead
  • Those who are vaguely anxious about the current system

To a more comfortable cloud system

Among the problems extracted in the health check plan, customers The problem that I was concerned about, CUBE SYSTEM Professional engineers in tune To do.

This tune In the plan, the performance to use the cloud comfortably tune We will change to the optimum system suitable for the necessary resources such as scale up and scale down.

Recommended people

  • Those who feel that monthly cloud usage fee is not appropriate
  • tune Those who want to leave it to specialized engineers
  • tune Those who are technically uneasy

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