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Local Contributions Participated in Shinagawa Hanakaido beautification activity(November 2019)

2019.12.09 Local Contributions

In November 2019, as a member company of Shinagawa CSR Promotion Council, NPO corporation Shinagawa Hanakaido Organizers beautification activity I joined the (seeding of rape blossoms). This activity, every year, Shinagawa Katsushima along the canal Shinagawa Hanakaido What is done in, Local Contributions As part of the activities, our employees and their families, Shinagawa CSR I was sowing the seeds of rape blossoms with you, such as Promotion Council member companies and the local town council. In the future, we continue to Local Contributions We will continue to promote activities.

[Shinagawa Hanakaido beautification activity] In Tachiaigawa shopping street and Sameshu shopping district of Shinagawa Ward in 2002 at the heart "Shinagawa Hanakaido It was begun launched a project ". Individuals and schools, such as companies, volunteers sow, in the spring rape blossoms, in the summer sunflowers, in the autumn cosmos bloom, you have to entertain the visitors.
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Photo: Plowing the soil
Photo: Sowing picture


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