CUBE SYSTEM Each person is " independent business person "As to the compliance," to observe laws and internal regulations "" society It does not disturb the order "not negative" only "," CUBE SYSTEM Sharing DNA, better corporate people, better than society To practice actions based on values and ethics required for being a person. "


Level I
Actions that comply with laws and regulations
Level II
Risk management behavior in compliance with company regulations, manuals, etc.
Level III
Ethics and society Behavior in accordance with norms
Level IV
Behavior suitable for cube DNA

compliance Basic Policy (Established in 2002)

Positioning compliance practices as one of the most important management issues, and thorough compliance with management infrastructure I strongly recognize that it will be made. In addition to complying with all laws and regulations required for business activities, society We will fulfill our corporate activities in good faith, fairness and transparency in accordance with the norm.
Specifically, we will comply with the following matters.

  1. Company's Management Philosophy · We will implement actions based on ethics.
  2. Foster an autonomous organizational climate that can strictly self-manage oneself, and strive to maintain an environment that can work both physically and mentally healthily.
  3. We will disclose information to stakeholders in a timely manner and establish an appropriate check system by ensuring transparency.
  4. Respect each other's human rights, personality and values and pursue a healthy work environment that does not involve discrimination and harassment. In addition, I respect each privacy to the utmost and do not unjustly infringe.
  5. We will strive to preserve the global environment in our corporate activities.
  6. We properly handle the information of the company as well as the information that we learned of business and the rights of third party's intellectual property etc.
  7. We will not conduct insider trading such as stocks.
  8. We will not act against the interests of the company. Moreover, I will attach a ritual of public and private.
  9. Gifts, entertainment etc. do not violate laws and regulations, and society We will do within the reasonable range in common.
  10. Anti society I will resolutely respond to the influential forces and will not do any profit.
  11. customer In order to obtain peace of mind, trust, and satisfaction, high-quality Services .
  12. Always keeping the interests of shareholders in mind, we will fulfill our duties in good faith with a sense of ethics and responsibility.
  13. Regardless of whether it is tangible or intangible, we treat the company property appropriately and properly.
  14. society I will try not to act or act to deviate from moral.

Internal reporting system

Cube System Group In order to appropriately process reports on compliance issues from those engaged in the business of the Company, we established the "Internal Reporting Handling Regulations" concerning the operation of the internal reporting system, and also make notifications that the reporting destination is internal or external We have set up windows etc. We will take appropriate measures promptly when there is a necessity for correction and improvement.
In addition, forbidden treatment to persons who reported, etc. is forbidden due to the reporting.


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