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Local Contributions Shinagawa Hanakaido beautification activity(October 2018)

2018.10.21 Local Contributions

In October 2018, as a member company of Shinagawa CSR promotion council, NPO corporation Shinagawa Hanakaido Organized beautification activity (Seedling of rape flower). This activity is held every year along the canal of Kashima-ku, Shinagawa-ku Shinagawa Hanakaido It is done in society As part of the contribution activities, Shinagawa CSR Promotion Council Member companies · We interacted with everyone such as local town councils while sowing seeds of rape blossoms. In the future, we will continue to focus on society We will continue our contribution activities.

[ Shinagawa Hanakaidobeautification activity 】
In 2002 Shingawa River Shopping Street and Shizu Shopping Street were the center and " Shinagawa Hanakaido Project "and started it. Volunteers like individuals, schools, companies, etc. are sowing seeds, rape blossoms in spring, sunflowers in summer, cosmos in autumn flowers, entertain the visitors.

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Shinagawa Ward homepage 2018 Shinagawa Photography News> Shinagawa Hanakaido Companies also participate in Rapeseed flower seeding

Photo: Sowing picture
Photo: The flowerbed where we worked


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