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We exhibited at "1st Blockchain EXPO [Autumn]"!


We exhibited at the "1st Blockchain EXPO [Autumn]" held at Makuhari Messe for 3 days from October 28th to October 30th. Despite the influence of Corona, many people visited the venue during the period, and our booth was full depending on the time, and the curtain was closed with great success.

At this exhibition, we introduced three products.
 ・ Visualization of "Thank you" "Thanks Connect"
 ・ Face recognition touchless payment "Smile cash register"
 ・ Peer bonus network * "Cube coin"
   * This refers to a system in which employees send rewards to each other, but we aim to send thanks to each other.
    It is a system that can express gratitude for advice, study sessions, and participation in community activities beyond the boundaries of the organization.


♦ Please see the following for leaflets and introductory videos of each product ♦
  <Introduction leaflet DL link>
   Thanks Connect
   Smile cash register
  <Video URL>
   Thanks Connect:
   Smile cash register  : Http://

Visit question from people who were just, like get a lot of your impressions of "effective in communication of employees" for Thanksgiving connect, I realized that was able to have a good impression on both each product.


During the exhibition period, while being nervous about conversations with the people who came to the booth, you can talk not only with the IT industry but also with people from various, and get various discoveries and ideas. I feel that it was a very exciting opportunity to do it.
Thank you to everyone who came to our booth.

From the next time onward, I would like to introduce the outline and functions of each product in detail.

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