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In software engineering
society A company that can contribute to the transformation
I will aim.

Our company was established in 1972 as an independent software company at the beginning of the software industry. Since then, diverse, sophisticated customer 's information needs for a variety of technologies and solutions to apply, customer as a partner to support the competitive advantage of the implementation of, and provides a high software development cost performance in the high-value-added I am.

society is now required to make major changes. Business companies that change their society lives and provide products and Services have set strategic issue in various business categories and are working to respond to change.

The efforts of each business company to change depend on how to achieve business change and process change with DX (Digital Transformation).

Under such an environment, we will utilize the more advanced software engineering capabilities in the next Vision to determine the direction of the business, and to guide employees to have their own ambitions and act accordingly. We will support DX efforts.

By creating and providing high value-added IT Services, we aim to be a company that can contribute to society change.

We ask for your continued understanding and support in the future.



Masahiro Nakanishi, officers and Representative Director and CDO

Corporate Information

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