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Vietnam (HoChiMinh) COVID-19 Report

Text: Vietnam CUBE SYSTEM President Kishina

Hello. I'm Kishina, President of CUBE SYSTEM Now, the impact of COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection) by Delta strains is increasing throughout Southeast Asia, but what about Vietnam? I would like to look back on it from around May and tell everyone.

Early May 2021

In May, I went on a company trip during Golden Week in Japan. It is a province in the south central part called Phu Yen. Vietnam has succeeded in suppressing COVID-19, and domestic tourism has been very active. Because of the consecutive holidays, many people went home.

In Vietnam, the temperature is always over 30 degrees Celsius, and I was able to build a team by drinking beautiful sea, delicious seafood, and delicious beer.

However, at this time, COVID-19 was beginning to prevail in the north.

May 30

While I was relieved to hear the news that the infection in the north had come to an end, a cluster of COVID-19 occurred in Ho Chi Minh City, causing as many as 20 infected people. On this day, the People's Committee decided that some regulations would be applied while giving priority to the economy.

The following day, from May 31st to June 14th, lockdowns were laid in some areas (Go Vap District). Due to the blockade of the main road and the establishment of a checkpoint, an incident occurred in which 12 of our employees were unable to come to work.

At this time, COVID-19, which is popular in Vietnam, is a hybrid strain of two types of mutant strains, so news flowed in Japan under the name of Vietnam strain, but WHO denied and the name of Vietnam strain disappeared. rice field. I was really angry with the Japanese press that gave the area a name, but I'm really glad that it disappeared.

June 10

The tension in the high-tech park suddenly increased as a result of a corona-infected person appearing in the high-tech park where we live. All restaurants in the high-tech park have been closed. My favorite Cà phê đá (condensed milk cafe au lait) that I drink every day is no good, and I can only deliver lunch.

June 14

Although the lockdown in the area where 12 of our employees were blocked was lifted, strict regulations continued as the infection was spreading throughout the city.

The onslaught of Delta stocks is unstoppable.

June 24

Astra Zenega vaccine arrived in Vietnam as the first donation from Japan, large-scale factories in Ho Chi Minh City and high-tech parks will be given priority for inoculation, and our employees will also create an inoculation venue under the building and inoculate safely. Was completed.

July 2

Corona tests were carried out throughout the high-tech park, and all of our employees also underwent group PCR tests. When it is carried out in a group, it is collected in lots of about 10 people, and if there is one person, the other people will be isolated at home just in case. Unfortunately, some of our employees were quarantined at home because the neighboring buildings were positively tested. At this time, a PCR check was conducted on 5 million people, half of the inhabitants of the entire city, and it was urgent to identify the source of infection.

July 9

On this day, stricter regulations were enforced. In effect, it was a lockdown throughout the city.

The vague instruction to ban people from going to work except for the necessary work caused confusion, so why are you making a more detailed situation now! It became a situation like the picture.

July 15

(1) It is possible to isolate at work, manufacture, eat, and rest. It is called 3 on Site.
(2) Prepare accommodation facilities and only go to and from the workplace.

We have switched to WFH (Work From Home) because the manufacturing industry and high-tech parks that cannot prepare the above are closed. Also, you must not leave your home except for the necessary shopping. .. Running as a daily routine is also useless. ..

Due to subsequent regulations, you cannot go out from 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM. Passage across wards is prohibited. Necessary shopping (referring to going to the supermarket) is twice a week (ticket system), etc. ..

As of August 3, 2021 when this article was written, 18 days have already passed since the start of WFH on July 15.
I want to play golf, but now I put up with it and do aerobic exercise to build basic physical strength for 30 minutes or more a day. I haven't cooked myself at all until now, but I'm working hard for my health.

in conclusion

I think Vietnam's good points are quick judgment, quick response, and strong regulation. I am grateful that I have been free to play golf, eat, travel and run since May 2020, when the first wave converged.

However, the effects of too strong and too early regulation were everywhere.
・ Food shortage due to hoarding
・ Supply shortage due to stagnation of logistics, soaring logistics prices
・ Soaring prices due to supply shortage
・ All suspicious people were supposed to go to the isolation facility, but due to lack of beds, they were treated at home.
・ I sleep and eat in the factory, and even though I have taken no further measures against infection, clusters occur.
(Contact with the outside is inevitable for delivery etc.)
・ Supermarkets are crowded due to shopping restrictions (shopping time is required for an average of 1 to 2 hours)

We are grateful to the Vietnamese government and those who are continuing each business to make various efforts to improve the above-mentioned effects, and we are doing our best to restore normal life again. I want to come.

In addition, the IT industry in which we are engaged feels happy once again that we can continue our business with WFH as long as we have an internet connection and a personal computer. The hardships of daily life can't be compared to the happiness of being able to work. We believe that Vietnam CUBE SYSTEM employees will be able to flexibly deal with the current difficult situations and overcome any challenges. let's do our best.

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