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We exhibited at "2nd Blockchain EXPO [Spring]"!


The second exhibition following the first!

Hello everyone. I'm Horiguchi, who is in charge of promoting DX.
We exhibited at the "2nd Blockchain EXPO [Spring]" held at the Aomi Exhibition Hall of the Tokyo International Exhibition Center from April 7th to April 9th.
The number of visitors to the EXPO was 13,641 more than the previous time in 3 days!
Due to the influence of the coronavirus, the number of booths at the blockchain EXPO was lower than the previous time in October 2020, but the number of visitors was 1.5 times the previous time, and the enthusiasm for blockchain and the latest technology is It seems that it is getting higher and higher!
This time, we exhibited in collaboration with Triple Eyes and Digital Blocks, and also made the exhibition booth larger than the previous time to improve the scale and content, and as a result, more customers than the previous time visited. Thank you to everyone who came to our booth!

Our products introduced at the booth

Continuing from the previous time, at our booth, we visualized communication between employees and said "Thank you" and "Good! Introducing "Smile Share Products" infrastructure "Cubecoin" such as "Thanks Connect" which returns "" with Cubecoin and "Smile Cash Register" which uses face recognition touchless payment as currency. I received it.
In addition, since the number of users of "Thanks Connect" and "Smile Cash Register" has increased due to in-house PoC since the previous exhibition, we introduced examples of actual use and voices of users.


Joint exhibition of new initiatives

At this EXPO, as a new initiative, in addition to our company, Triple Eyes and Digital Blocks jointly exhibited!
This joint exhibition does not mean that the three companies will introduce their respective products, but together to solve society issues such as "solving communication issues" and "improving engagement" in a society I want to work on it! We were able to realize this by sympathizing with our desire.
In the future, we plan to collaborate with Triple Eyes through the face recognition system "AIZE" at Smile Cash Register, and with Digital Blocks with "B-SMART" and "Cubecoin".
It is also a new collaborative style to provide customers by linking with APIs instead of creating one product together and utilizing the strengths of each.

<Participant's comment>
We have also received comments from participants from Triple Eyes and Digital Blocks.
■ Triple Eyes officials ■
Mr. A: "Many customers seemed to be very interested in BC technology and the mechanism of Smaregi! 』\
Mr. B: "I'm glad that I was able to feel the temperature by talking directly with customers while Web business negotiations are the mainstream."
Mr. C: "request and needs is stronger in the real world with products! 』\

■ Digital Blocks officials ■
Mr. D: "I was worried about the effects of the Corona disaster, but I was surprised at the great success. The enthusiasm of many companies and visitors for a positive future
I was impressed at the same time as I got the courage. 』\
Mr. E: "This was our first booth exhibition with our own products, but we heard various live voices from the visitors.
The challenges became clear and it was a really good opportunity. 』\
Mr. F: "It was the first opportunity to showcase our own product, the sales support tool" Be-SMART ", to visitors.
It was a valuable event where we were able to hear the opinions directly from visitors who are registered in various industries. 』\

After EXPO

It's been almost a year since the corona vortex has changed the way we communicate with people and work. As teleworking becomes a norm, many people may be feeling issues and anxieties such as communication issues and the need for care for employees. When I talked to the people who came to our booth about our efforts, it was impressive that many people sympathized with us.
customers seeking specialized explanations from basic explanations about blockchain and AI visited the venue than at the time of the previous exhibition, and I felt that interest in new technologies was increasing.
If you have a communication problem ... or want to hear about the latest technology, please contact us from inquiry

Inobe also participates!

♦ Please see the following for leaflets, introductory videos, and WEB pages of each product introduced at EXPO.
  <Introduction flyer DL link>
   ・ Thanks Connect:01 02
   ・ Smile cash register:01
   ・ Cubecoin:01
  <Video URL>
   ・ Thanks Connect:
   ・ Smile cash register:
  <WEB page URL>
   ・ Smile share product:

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