Employee communication support "Thank you" for casual communication

Thanks Connect

Thanks Connect

Visualize "Thank you"

By visualizing communication between employees from the SNS already used in the company, we support communication that is difficult to see by telework.

Visualize connections between employees

Like for posting to employees' in-house SNS! Active communication is created by visualizing the reaction from the viewer.
For business, such as ideas posts and case studies, such as lunch information and in-house newsletter News can also be utilized for, you say! Let's send each other!

Link with in-house SNS

Thanks Connect is a communication visualization tool that uses the Microsoft API. Easy to deploy, just work with your Microsoft account! In addition, communication will be smoother by expanding the functions.

Analyze communication

You can also visualize communication between individuals and one-to-many. The exchanges remain in the history, and the percentage of likes and changes in numerical values are graphed. It is also useful for following employees who are not communicating smoothly due to lack of communication.

Recommended for such companies!
This is a must-see for companies that want to make internal communication more active!
In recent years, the usefulness of communication data has been attracting attention as well as employee attribute information, attendance, and evaluation. By analyzing the communication between employees, Sunkus Connect can also find signs of turnover, high performers and starting talent.

User's voice

You can now see what your subordinates are doing! 40s / manager

I was relieved to be able to see if there were any subordinates who had little reaction or interaction with my call.

I became aware of gratitude in my work! 30s / project member

By seeing gratitude within the team, I realized that I was working as a team.

It became an opportunity for communication! 20s / engineer

It's easy, so it's good for people who don't get involved too much! It has become easier to send and consult with people in the company.

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