customers But cloud services We will support the construction of surveillance system so that we can use with confidence.
By constructing a surveillance system using OSS Zabbix, it is possible to reduce introduction cost, customers We provide a comfortable monitoring system.


New construction of the cloud

Utilize the Oracle cloud
Current stability and development of the future We realize a system compatible with.

customers of Services Plan according to

CUBE SYSTEM Then, Oracle Cloud Service Using, customers I would like to Services We provide cloud environment required for provision.

Sizing is carried out based on the hearing results. The best plan proposing I will do.

New construction of the cloud

We provide optimal cloud environment

You already use Oracle cloud customers Even if we want to prepare additional development environment and verification environment, we want to build new cloud environment, such as want new staging environment, we provide optimum cloud environment.

customers We will plan and customize the range of offer (IaaS level · PaaS level) according to your request.

Recommended people

  • Those who want to build a new cloud environment
  • Those who want to construct with convincing design plan


Transition from on-premise to cloud

Not only the data is necessary for the system.
database Of course, middleware High-quality migration including Services .

To the Oracle cloud the same environment as on-premises

CUBE SYSTEM If so, full backup of migration to Oracle cloud.

We will deploy on-premises and familiar Oracle products on the cloud with the same architecture.

Oracle cloud migration

Services required for middleware Also migrate

As the system becomes more complicated, smooth migration in data migration Services I think that development is difficult.

With this Oracle cloud migration plan, database Transition of course, customersServices required for middleware Etc will also be transferred.

Please consult with us about the object to be transferred.

Recommended people

  • Although I would like to use the cloud, database People who have become a bottleneck in transition
  • In addition to business data, middleware , Those who wish to implement application layer migration
  • Those who want to minimize the downtime during transition


Migrate region

Transition from overseas region to domestic region,
System down time , minimum We will shift to safety safely

We will select the target environment to be migrated completely

Various Services If possible user I would like to place it in a location that is geographically close.

We already use Oracle cloud in overseas region, but I feel dissatisfied customers You can also move to the domestic region.

Transition target database Not only, middleware We will also correspond.

Oracle cloud migration

Migrate region

For region migration, migrate the Oracle cloud environment used at overseas data center to domestic region Services is.

Minimize system outage, database Not only, middleware We will also asset such assets as migration target.

Please consult with us about the object to be transferred.

Recommended people

  • Those who are currently using overseas regions and are considering changing to domestic regions
  • Those who think that important data is not overseas, preferably if they want to put it in the country

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