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Well-being 3 days ◎ We exhibited at Blockchain EXPO [Autumn] 2021! !!


Thank you for visiting! This is Miyashita from the DX Business Promotion Office.

To the blockchain EXPO that was announced in the blog the other day
We exhibited for 3 days from October 27th to 29th! !!

This time, the exhibition area of the blockchain was located in the 1st and 2nd halls and the innermost part from the entrance of the venue.
It was so crowded that it didn't make me feel it.
Thank you to everyone who came to the CUBE booth! !!

This event seems to have attracted a total of 16,428 people in all halls over a three-day period.
The number has increased further from 13,641 in the spring of NexTech Week 2021 held in April this year.
We can see the high level of interest in the latest technology.

Speaking of the CUBE booth, the prepared pamphlet All 800 copies It was a great success so that it could be distributed completely
Thank you very much for spending three busy days! !!
Thank you to everyone who listened to us.

↓ Click here for the pamphlet

I would like to introduce four points of our focus this time!

About the smile cash register demo experience introduced in the previous blog

I got a lot of happy words such as "interesting" and "I want to put it in my house!" (Crying)
A total of about 300 customers experienced it.

From this time, it has become possible for customers to perform face recognition by themselves.
Everyone showed me a very nice smile in front of the camera (* ^^ *) Nico

The second is about this booth

The CUBE color blue is applied to the whole to add a presence.
We have gathered together cute characters from the CUBE SYSTEM, including Inobe.
Moreover! Since Halloween 🎃 was near, ghost pumpkins were also summoned! !!

I tried to finish the booth with an emphasis on friendliness.

Next, the third is about video

A video of the smile cash register usage scene and product introduction was shown on the monitor.
We were interested in many of the people who saw it, and we took you to the demo!

You can watch the video here ➡ ★ CUBE SYSTEM Official Youtube Channel ★

All the actors are CUBE employees! Please pay attention to their true acting 👀✨
It is a video full of the charm of Smile Regist!

Fourth is about the mini lecture

We gave a 15-minute lecture five times each day, including a lecture by Triple Eyes, who co-exhibited.

What is the product concept and well-being? I explained about.
The basics of blockchain and AI, where are those technologies used in products? It was a variety of lectures such as in-house product experiences!

Thank you to everyone who stopped! !!

★ Reactions from visitors heard by our employees ★

  • It was impressive that I was told that I really like this kind of approach.
  • Visitors who introduced Cubecoin. He seemed to be a newcomer, but I was glad that he listened to me with his eyes shining and explained.
  • Most of the visitors said, "I want a smile cash register." In addition, we received opinions about Smaregi, saying "it looks interesting" and "I want it too".
  • "Thanks Connect's point of view is interesting, and I think it's wonderful that we are working on issues that are always present in companies that have adopted telecommuting."
  • He asked us to cooperate with us regarding the creativity and technology of the CUBE SYSTEM.

... Although there are still many, we received a lot of opinions and impressions. Thank you!

And what makes me even more happy is that we were able to connect with the participating members of our company through this event exhibition! !!

This is the last commemorative photo taken with Triple Eyes, a member of the final day and a co-exhibitor.

Everyone who is active in different sites, with different departments, job titles, and ages.
This EXPO activity has created new connections and communication with people who have never been involved before.
I would be happy if I could deepen my relationship with Triple Eyes, who exhibited with me last time!

I feel that these efforts are truly well-being.


Now that the way of working has changed drastically, teleworking has become widespread.
Both those who have become a normal teleworker and those who do not have their own worries, and many visitors have expressed sympathy for our products.
What can we do and what is really necessary to solve communication problems and anxieties?
Thinking from the customers 's point of view, we will strive to provide Services that make us feel "useful and good to use" in the future! !! !!

"I have a problem with communication, but I don't know what to start with ..."
If you want to hear about the latest technology, please feel free to contact us!
★ Click here inquiry ★

We look forward to seeing you again!

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♦ Please see the following for the leaflets, introductory videos, and WEB pages of each product introduced at EXPO.
<Introduction poster DL link>
   ・ Thanks Connect: 0102
   ・ Smile cash register: 01
   ・ Cubecoin: 01 02
   ・ Well-being: 01
<Official YouTube channel>
   ・ CUBE SYSTEM INC. Official Channel

<WEB page URL>
   ・ Smile share product



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