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Management policy

CUBE SYSTEM can be best seen as a group of independent business people. We began our business as an independent system integrator aiming to create something of value that was only possible by us. Since then, our employees have engaged with their intellectual curiosity and business mind to keep progressing our business even after being listed within the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Management Philosophy

  • Companies thrive from the support of people.
  • We must survive to ensure people's well being including employees.
  • Root of survival and development is profit, it is brought by customers.

With this philosophy,​ ​We create a world-class company​ ​

Basic Policy

Customer First Principle
To contribute to a customer's benefits means to bring benefits to our company. Hence, we perform our work built upon our customer's truest needs.
Priority principle
In a company, people, objects, money and time are all essential aspects. It is important to place emphasis for a business strategy, in order to maximize these aspects. In all business decisions, we should not be a mindset that consider what a company can truly do.
Full-time businessism
Companies cannot develop without sales activities. All employees should push on towards such activities.

Health (and Productivity) Management

What we would like to be through health management

To manage health management, we aim to provide both a fulfilling life for each of our employees as well as sustainable growth for our company.

Our Thoughts on Health (and Productivity) Management

In the Cube System Group, our company and employees work together as one with heart, skill and mind.​ ​
For the continual growth of the Cube System Group, it is important for each employee to be in good health. It is because of these concerns that we believe health management is essential.

Health (and Productivity) Management Policy

The Cube System Group has been running our business based on rules such as laws, social norms and ethics. We aim to earn strong trust from our shareholders, stakeholders, and ultimately be trusted by society. We practice healthy and productive management to maintain employee’s health and provide an ideal work environment. It is through these efforts that we may realize sustainable growth and improvement in our company's value in the mid-to-long term.

Practicing Health and Productivity Management

We have expressed our Health (and Productivity) Management to the National Federation of Health Insurance Societies. The following mark is the silver certification that proves our active participation in this management that was recognized on May 10, 2018.

Corporate Information

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