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Introducing the new form of gratitude "Cubecoin"!


Introducing the in-house point system "Cubecoin"!


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What is Cubecoin

"Cubecoin" is a new way for employees to express their gratitude.
Engagement between employees through “peer bonuses” for hidden achievements of employees. In addition, by sending a word "Thank you" to the points that employees can use within the company, it is also useful as an opportunity for casual communication without worrying about the position or distance.
The peer bonus network between employees can also be used as a simple payment method if used as an in-house point system.

■ What is a peer bonus?
Generally, it refers to a system in which employees send rewards to each other, but we aim to send thanks to each other.
It is a mechanism to express gratitude not only for direct work results but also for advice, study sessions, and participation in community activities beyond the boundaries of the organization.

Cubecoin application "Inope"

■ What is "Ino Pay"?
"Inope" is an application for employees to exchange Cubecoin with each other.
Currently, we provide smartphone apps (iOS, Android) and web browser apps.

By the way, the app name "Inope" is taken from our public relations character "Inobe".


Works with various cube products

Cubecoin works with various of our products.

The peer bonus network is built on the blockchain (Ethereum).

Cubecoin is used in various situations in the Cube System Group

Cubecoin is used in various situations in the Cube System Group
Use case 1: For exchanging gratitude between groups
Japanese employees donate Cubecoin not only to group employees at different bases in Japan (Headquarters (Tokyo), West Japan solutions Business Headquarters (Osaka), Nagoya Office, Hokkaido CUBE SYSTEM), but also to employees in Vietnam and Shanghai across the sea. I can.
It is also used as a means of expressing gratitude beyond the wall of distance as well as the wall of language.

Use case 2: For creating topics such as events
We distribute Cubecoin to our employees during the New Year, Christmas, and in-house events, and use it as a gratitude.

Use case 3: Use the received "Cubecoin" for sweets communication
The "Cubecoin" that I received can be exchanged for sweets and coffee, which is also useful for employees to relax and activate communication.

This time, we introduced the peer bonus network "Cubecoin" with its concept and mechanism, including examples of its use. What did you think.
If you are interested, please contact us from inquiry
In addition, we plan to introduce "Smile Cash Register" and "Thanks Connect" mentioned in this article in detail in another article.
Stay tuned for updates from the next time onwards!

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