Towards the realization of our vision

Cube System's growth strategy

In order to realize our medium term management vision, we believe 3 stages are necessary, which are "improve on our strengths", "establish the SI business" and "create a service menu".

1st STEP Create a service menu 2nd STEP Establish the SI business 3nd STEP Improve on our strengths
1st STEP Improve on our strengths

Initially, the first step is to thoroughly improve the company's strengths of 'distribution/finance industry oriented service' and 'system enhancement operations'. Practically speaking, by raising up system engineers who are well versed in our client's industries and operations, and those who can manage large scale development structures offshore, we can implement a structure that can support and quickly adjust to the dramatically changing environment and customers' needs, and also establish a framework that can tender for large scale projects.

Also, customers' demands are increasing for the latest technology in global business development and cloud computing, so in order to enhance our ability to address these kind of changes in the market environment and customers' needs, we are working to expand the international business conducted by our overseas subsidiaries, and also actively invest in the latest technology to improve our competitiveness.

2nd STEP Establish the SI business
The 2nd step is to utilize the improved strengths from step 1 to help 'establish the SI business' where we can follow the entire process of system development. With our current business as the foundation of operations, and through industry and business solutions that utilize our accumulated know-how, we can take on the development of new customers and large scale system development, and we aim to further expand our orders received.
3nd STEP Create a service menu
For the 3rd step, while working on the expansion of the SI business, with new technology, cloud computing and globalization as its core elements, create a new service menu for the company, and by flexibly addressing our various customers' needs, expand our market.
Direction for vision realization While planning for 'qualitative transformation', achieve 'growth in scale'. Methodology for realizing our vision Putting in practice 'what we need now' from the 'ideal future'.

Based on these strategies, focusing on the services that we provide for our main industries of distribution, finance and infrastructure, we will continue to provide diverse system solution services, and support all our customers' needs.