Cube System's Vision

Undertaking the challenge for a new stage of growth

For the information services industry that this company belongs to, with the reduction in software development needs and the rise of cloud services, the industry environment is rapidly changing, and the IT strategy for companies is greatly shifting from 'system building' to 'applying information'.

To address this, for companies like ours in the information services industry, what is in demand is not just simply developing information systems, but the provision of solutions that can contribute to the creation of value for client companies.

Cube System's Vision Of The Future

Based on this kind of environmental change, this time Cube System has set up a new medium term management vision of "Being valued by customers as a best partner company", and "Building a corporate culture with employees and company (individual and organization) developing together, sharing happiness and wealth."

The Cube System group aims to realize this vision, treasure its' 'Cube-like traits', and aims to be the best partner for our customers, with all employees united, pushing forward together.