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This site (https://www.cubesystem.co.jp/) is the official site operated by Cube System Inc. (hereinafter referred to as this company).
At this company, we are aiming for a website that accurately communicates the initiatives of all companies in the group, and had this site renewed in November 2012.
Furthermore, these contents may be changed without notice. Please confirm using the latest available information.


The copyright on the contents (articles, documents, images and sounds) of this site belongs to this company. Regardless of whether for commercial, non-commercial use or intranet, the secondary use such as duplication, appropriation or sale of the contents of this site without permission is strictly prohibited.

Items of prohibited use

  1. Any acts of invasion of this company's or any third party's assets or privacy, or any actions with such potential.
  2. Any actions that would result in damage or financial loss for this company or any third party, or any actions with such potential.
  3. Any other actions that are against the law, or any actions with such potential.
  4. Other than the above, any action that this company judges to be inappropriate.


This company takes great care on various levels when displaying any information on this website. However, this company makes no guarantee regarding whether the content of information is accurate or not, whether it is useful or not, whether it is reliable or not, whether its use is suitable for people's objectives or not, whether it is secure or not (that services will not be suspended, errors will not occur, defects will be repaired, that this website and its servers do not have viruses or any other malicious programs etc.). Also this company will not assume any responsibility whatsoever from any trouble, loss or damage resulting from the use of this website.
All contents published on this website may change without notice, or be discontinued. Also, please be forewarned that without any notice the information published on this website may change, and the operation of this website may also be suspended or cancelled. Furthermore, this companywill not assume any responsibility for any reason for any damage resulting from the change of information, suspension or cancellation of operation of this website. Also, this company assumes no responsibility for any other website content linked through this website.

Regarding links to this website

Please set your link to this company's officialwebsite as (https://www.cubesystem.co.jp/). Whether for commercial, uncommercial or for intranet use, there is no need to contact us when you place a link to this site.

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If you have disabled the use of JavaScript, it is possible that contents may not execute correctly, or pages may not display properly. When you use this site, please have JavaScript enabled.

Regarding the Protection of Personal Information

This company takes into account the importance of personal information, and has established Policies for the Protection of Personal Information. For further details, please check the separate Policies for the Protection of Personal Information page.

Governing Laws and Court of Jurisdiction

The interpretation and application of conditions of use for this website is based on the laws of Japan. Also, regarding any disputes concerning this website, if there are no other particular provisions, Tokyo District Court shall have the exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance.