Solution for every industry


In the development of a financial system that seeks a high degree of reliability, Cube System, who provide solutions that utilize accumulated know-how, experience and a proven track record, provides a financial solution that is a flexible, secure and reliable information system with excellent cost performance by actively engaging offshoredevelopment in system development, and managed by an original management method.


In recent years, in the distribution industry, while the diversification of payment methods and internet use progresses,inorder to implement the '5 R's of Merchandising (Right time, Right place, Right merchandise, Right price, Right quantity), how to deal with the rapidly changing environment, greater cost reduction and business efficiency have become critical management issues.
Cube System provides solutions that fit customers' needs for department stores, volume retailers, convenience stores, supermarkets and others in the distribution and services industry.


In order to deal promptly with the increasingly fierce service competition for high speed data transmission and provider plans and such, Cube System provides the creation of systems in line with customers' information system strategy as well as network infrastructure solution services. We especially have strength in core solutions, and contribute toward making our customers' management more efficient.


For the manufacturing industry, through intensified price competition, high-mix low volume/variableproduct-variable production and the advancement of globalization, the severity of the conditions surrounding manufacturing are increasing. Cube System provides the most appropriate solutions for reducing lead time from planning to production, and helps solve the various issues held by customers.