Service configurations

Infrastructure Solutions

Solving the various complex issues of IT infrastructure

The importance of the role of IT in business is increasing more than ever. In this context, IT infrastructure is not just a foundation for supporting business, but also plays an important role for increasing system performance. On top of that, handling of increasing continuous information content, green IT, internal control and personal information management are some of the varied changes in environment that need to be dealt with, and so the issues that IT infrastructure should solve are becoming more complex and wide ranging.

At the same time, the provision of services of system reconstruction for reducing TCO, integration and consolidation in a short amount of time has also become an important issue.

System Infrastructure Solutions

  • System Infrastructure Construction Support is given from defining the requirements for servers, storage, networks and databases through to system testing.
  • Database Solutions From large to small scale, DBMS configuration, construction and operation optimal to system requirements are supported.
  • Virtualization Solutions We support efficient resource utilization through the integration and consolidation of infrastructure, creation of   'Virtualization Systems' for cost reduction, and also project proposals for system integration and consolidation in the private cloud.
Knowledge / Know-how  Change into templates and tools → Realization of High Quality / Efficient service provision

For many years, Cube System has been involved in building infrastructure for large scale systems and mission critical systems, as well as DB construction and operation, and has developed System Infrastructure Solutions. That accumulated knowledge and know-how has been converted into templates and tools, and allow us to provide high quality and efficient service.


Enhancement Services for Ongoing Improvement

Cube System provides services for system and core system operational maintenance (business application management/infrastructure solution services). For these kinds of services, without just doing simple system maintenance management, through 'improvement of system performance and quality in accordance with changes in customers' business environment and new advances in technology to increase system value' and 'proposals for new business', we provide system enhancement services to continuously improve customer satisfaction.

Offshore applications

Utilizing international offshore bases, we provide low cost service configurations in line with customers' requests from the system planning stage to higher planning, development and maintenance. Utilizing Cube System's own offshore bases, we flexibly provide experienced, superior staff in accordance with development volume and delivery date.

Offshore Development

Meetings with customers are conducted in the same way as for domestic development with Cube System engineers or local bridge SEs proficient in Japanese.

System design specifications and manuals are all delivered in Japanese. In this way, the customer, in terms of communication, is not conscious that system development is being entrusted offshore.

Before application, the bridge SE is called to Japan, and by making them aware of the necessary knowledge for the project, quality and productivity is improved, and smooth offshore development becomes possible.

At the time of system construction, an original project management system is installed, and project information is collected and managed individually, which makes it possible to operate securely.

Offshore Enhancement

Based on the experience gained through proven results of offshore development in Shanghai/Vietnam and Cube System's enhancement services, offshore enhancement is undertaken. We have a long track record for supporting projects through coordination with customers' international offshore businesses.

Not just cost reduction for system construction, but also cost efficiency in the system operation phase and also IT support for the customers' entry into the Chinese/Vietnamese market is also provided by coordination with headquarters.