Information security protection policy

In order for this company to protect customers' information assets handled through the course of business and our own information assets from all types of threats, as our information security protection policy, security guidelines and associated rules and regulations are set and carried out through the following initiatives.

  1. This company makes absolutely sure of its security countermeasures for customers' information and information assets obtained through the course of operations, and we are always working on the prevention of risks of loss, destruction, alteration and leakage.
  2. Regarding this company's information assets (financial information, HR information, sales information etc.), in the process of maximizing the use of these assets, security countermeasures appropriate to the level of importance are in effect.
  3. Regarding personal information, we are well aware of its confidentiality and the importance of protection, thus we have a 'Personal Information Protection Policy' in place, and actively strive to protect it.
  4. As an information security framework that presides over the entire company, the 'security implementation committee' is in place internally, and promotes security provisions for information assets.
  5. For the officers and staff (including staff of subcontracting companies) of this company, education and instruction on information security takes placeregularly, and we strive to thoroughly make our information security protection policy common knowledge. All officers and staff handling information assets comply with the information security policy, and fulfill all obligations and responsibilities set.
  6. In consideration of the advances in technology and changes in business environment, risk evaluation of information assets regularly takes place from a number of levels, and through the influence of each type of policy based on the information security protection policy, we plan for the maintenance and improvement of information security.
  7. Regarding the operational conditions of information security, regular inspections take place, and depending on if it is necessary, appropriate corrective action takes place.
  8. This company abides by all laws and other regulations regarding information security.

Osamu Sakiyama (President)