Disclosure Policy

Fundamental Disclosure Policies

Regarding all our stockholders and investors, with a foundation of transparency, fairness and consistency, we strive to provide information expediently. We try to disclose information in adherence to the regulations set by the Japan Securities Dealers Association, and in order for the public to understand our company, we also actively provide valid information for this.

Disclosure Methods

Regarding the provision of important information, we disclose materials to Kabuto Club (a press club) and other organizations. Also, the latest information is published on this website.

Earnings forecast and other items regarding future projections

Within Cube System Inc.'s current plans, forecasts and strategies listed on this website, those that are not historical facts contain forecasts on future earnings, and these are created based on the judgment of our management from all information that is available on hand. In line with this, actual earnings may contain different results depending on various risks and uncertain elements.

Quiet Period

In order to prevent the leakage of financial information and to guarantee fairness, for each reporting month, there is a quiet period that runs from the 15th to the reporting date. With respect to this quite period, we will refrain from any comments or answers to questions regarding the results.

All items published on this website are for the understanding of Cube System Inc.'s financial and management information, and not created for the purposes of soliciting investment. Regarding investment decisions, please exercise your own judgment.