Management Policy

Management Policy

Cube System operates with the following fundamental management policies.

Customer Creed
All standards for decisions should be based on value for our customers, and it is standard that we think from our customers' perspective.
Priority System
For a company, the four main components are people, assets, money and time. In order to get the most utility from these elements, our management resources will be concentrated according to importance as decided by customer creed.
Full-Employee Sales System
In order to provide user-oriented services, all employees should act as independent business persons to help push forward the development of the company's business.

Under these fundamental policies, all employees asindependent business persons face our customers and various stakeholders, and make good use of all our individual and organizational know-how to generate even greater customer satisfaction. And, as a leading company of the digital network society, always seek innovation, and while trying to maximize company value on the twin wheels of technology and creativity, endeavor to contribute to the further development of the information society.

Management indicators representative of our objectives

Cube System is focused on the following three indicators which are set as our objectives.

  1. From the point of view of increasing company value for our shareholders, have a ROE over 15%
  2. As a quantifiable objective of profitability, have a consolidated profit margin over 8.0%
  3. As way of increasing all our employees' individual performance, target a level of consolidated net sales for each employee of over 25 million yen, and consolidated profit of over 2 million yen for each employee.

Medium and Long-Term Management Strategy

For government and company activities, and in people's lives, the use of IT is expanding throughout various areas of society and even for private companies, planning for an IT strategy has become management's most important issue. In order for Cube System to consistently provide solution services with our customer's perspective in mind, through ACR*1/APR*2 and MVP strategies, the collective strength of the services we provide increases, and we can continue to support the complex and advancing needs of our customers. Also, we are of course continuing to handle existing projects, and in our main customer industries of distribution, telecommunications and finance, we are committed toward further expanding orders.

Throughthese strategies, as well as providing high cost-performance service for our customers, and by fulfilling our IR and PR duties for our stakeholders, we aim to establish our company brand as the Cube System Group.

※1、2 ACR、APR
ACR is a general term for an original initiative for our group, where we give more detailed support to our customers, and undertake efforts to increase satisfaction for our customers. In practice, this involves our group committing reports to our customers on our plans formed from customer satisfaction surveys and industry trends, having timely and valid content when we report our yearly results; we make clear the value we provide, our own evaluations, and future issues we face. In a similar way, strengthening the relations of trust with our business partners is what APR is.