Cube System Shanghai Co., Ltd.

Room 605, No.2 Building, No.641 Tianshan Road,
Changning District, Shanghai, China
(Shanghai Withub White-cat Science Park)

Cube System Shanghai Co., Ltd was established in 2009 as a joint venture between Cube System and a local Shanghai company.

Together with the aim to expand orders of Solution Services for Japanese businesses and the expansion of new business within China, Cube System's management policies of 'Customer Creed', 'Priority System' and 'Full-employee Sales System', and fundamental policy are incorporated and we strive to be able to contribute to the promotion of customer satisfaction and Chinese society's IT industry.

Service cases

We would like to introduce some service cases of the systems our company has engaged in.

1) Offshore development

Offshore enhancement of a system for a major Japanese general supermarket

We were tasked with the enhancement of the system that carries out sales management and order / purchase management. The development departments of 3 bases comprised of the customer, the parent company and Cube System were connected by a specialized LAN and an always-on teleconferencing system, and through this unified environment, design, development, operation and maintenance work was carried out.

2) Regional Business

Development of an internal management system for a major electrical appliance manufacturer

We were engaged in the development of a large scale system that manages all the transaction data between the customer's group's companies and provides information to each business. Over approximately 6 months, more than 100 people employed at Cube System Shanghai were in charge of the operation from detailed system configuration through to combined testing.