President's Message

Since this company's establishment as an independent software company in 1972 at the beginning of the software industry, we have continued to provide a wide range of technical services to address the increasingly diverse and sophisticated information needs of our customers. Also, leveraging our strength as an independent company to be a partner to support the realization of increased competitiveness for our customers, we strive to provide system solution services high in added value and cost performance, pushing forward with the maintenance and expansion of existing clients and receiving new contracts, we continue with the creation of flexible leading edge system solutions.

For the information service industry over March 2015, the investment in IT firms has increased exponentially. The finance industry and the manufacture industry recovered in demand for information services, as well as an increase in IT investment towards disaster prevention and security measurement. However, due to the focus in large scale projects, many corporations have been pushing forward larger employment, which lead to severe conditions of shorthanded system engineers. In correspondence to system technology upgrade and advancement through time, the rising labor cost/subcontract cost carried another concern. These situations transitioned the revenue environment from optimistic condition to difficult condition.

Given such circumstances, Cube System group has been implementing in the financial field’s insurance company projects, as well as the distribution field’s apparel projects to maintain and expand ongoing projects with existing customers. Additionally, by capturing the strong market and focusing on expanding orders, we have increased sales and profits compared to the previous fiscal year. As a result, our group consolidated performance sales of 12.5 billion yen, ordinary income of 980 million yen, and current term net income of 590 million yen.

From here on out, under the group’s midterm management vision called, “VISION 2020”, we aim to make the best use of our group subsidiary companies for near shore and off shore development, and accelerate these developments to seize IT investing customers. While promoting globalization views in human resource development, we aim to improve our service quality and efficiency, and offer high valued services.

To continue to answer the expectations and trust of our customers, we are striving to be valued as, “best partner” company. In addition, we will continue to fulfil our IR and PR activity for all our stakeholders, and aim to establish the company brand of the Cube system group.

We kindly ask for your continued support and understanding.

June 25, 2015

代表取締役社長 﨑山 收