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Our History

July 1972
For the purpose of software development and system operations management work, 〝Customer Engineers Co., Ltd." was established to become a technician group for customers, in Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo
April 1985
Opened Osaka Sales Office in Higashi-ku, Osaka (now West Japan solutions Business Division)
March 1988
Made a basic agreement about system development with Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. Started system integration services and system outsourcing services
October 1990
The company name changed to 〝CUBE SYSTEM INC." to expect further development by clarifying business area and management philosophy
December 1990
To strengthen sales in Tohoku and Hokkaido districts, established HOKKAIDO CUBE SYSTEM INC (currently consolidated subsidiary)​ ​
March, 1994
Headquarters moved to Nishi-Gotanda in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
May 1995
Developed and started to sale of the "Swap Management System", derivative trading management tool for finance
March 2001
Certificated ISO9001 international quality standard
October 2002
Listed Jasdaq (shop front)
February 2003
With Nomura Research Institute, Inc.system solutionBecome an "e-partner" to strengthen partnerships in business
December 2003
"Information Security Management System (ISMS) Conformity Assessment System" and "BS7799" Certification
March 2005
Headquarters moved to Higashi Gotanda in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
July 2005
Certificated ISO 14001 (International Standard on Environmental Management System) Certification Obtained
February 2006
Certificated ISO / IEC 27001 (information security management system) certification acquired
November 2006
Listed on the second part of the Tokyo Stock Exchange second part
March 2008
Established 〝CUBE SYSTEM VIETNAM CO., LTD." in HO Chi Minh citey, Vietnam
May 2008
With Nomura Research Institute, Inc.system solutionBecome an "ee partner" to further strengthen business collaboration
July 2009
Established 〝CUBE SHENYA SYSTEM SHANGHAI CO.,LTD." in Shanghai, China
March 2014
Designated as the first part of the Tokyo Stock Exchange market
July 2015
Headquarters moved to Osaki in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
December 2017
Obtained all of the 〝CUBE SHENYA SYSTEM SHANGHAI CO.,LTD." share, then changed company's name to 〝CUBE SYSTEM SHANGHAI CO.,LTD." (consolidated subsidiary)
May 2019
Opened Nagoya Office in Naka Ward, Nagoya City

Corporate Information

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