Main initiatives for consideration of the Environment

Activities to save energy/natural resources

  • Reduce electricity usage
    We are striving to reduce energy through such means as turning the air conditioner on and off, for cool air setting the temperature is set to 28degrees Celsius and for warm air setting the temperature is set to 20degrees Celsius.
  • Reducing the amount of paper used
    We are trying to save natural resources by using notebook computers in meetings where possible, and whenever documents need to be handed out at meetings, we try to print on both sides and use the shrink function.

Reducing waste

When PCs and other devices that contain information require disposal, the OS is formatted, confirmation takes place so that any classified information is not saved, a security label is guaranteed and after that the disposal is outsourced to a selected waste management company.

Promotion of Green Purchasing

Whenever equipment or office supplies are purchased, wherever possible supply will be based on "Green purchasing methods", and whenever products or services are purchased, in consideration of the environment wherever possible, those with the least burden on the environment will be selected and purchased.