Cube System's motto is that each and every person is an 'independent business person', so with regard to compliance, it does not mean negative things such as 'abide by the law and company rules' or 'uphold social order', instead it is defined as "sharing Cube System's DNA, to carry out work based on the values and ethics required in order to be a better employee and a better member of society."

In placing compliance with this as one of the most important management issues, in 2002, the "definition of compliance", "fundamental compliance policy" and "14 items of compliance" were set. We strive to operate with the responsibilities from the following 4 points of view.

Level I Act in accordance with the law
Level II Act in accordance with the company laws and manuals to manage risk
Level III Act in line with ethics and social Standards
Level IV Act appropriately with respect to Cube's DNA
Fundamental Compliance Policy (set in 2002)

In placing the practice of compliance as one of the most important management issues, we are strongly aware that thorough compliance forms the foundation of management. Through the compliance with the laws and regulations that apply in the course of business, we will carry out business operations high in transparency, honestly and fairly, in line with social standards.

Practically speaking, we will comply with the following items:

  1. Operate on the basis of the company's management principles and ethics.
  2. Foster an autonomous organizational climate that allows for one to strictly manage themselves, and strive to maintain both a physically and mentally healthy working environment.
  3. Regarding our stakeholders, together with the timely release of information, through the maintaining of transparency, establish appropriate checks and constraints.
  4. Respect each other's rights, personalities, and values, and pursue a healthy workplace environment where racism and harassment do not occur. Also, respect each other's privacy to the highest limit, and refrain from any unjust infringements.
  5. During the course of business, strive toprotect the global environment.
  6. First and foremost, appropriately manage company information, and appropriately handle any information gained through the course of business and 3rd party intellectual property rights.Refrain from any insider trading.
  7. Refrain from any activities that would intentionally negatively impact on company profit. Also make a clear distinction between public and private affairs.
  8. When giving gifts and entertaining clients, avoid breaking any laws, and act within a reasonable range of conventional wisdom.
  9. Take a firm stand against antisocial behavior, and refrain from any giving of property benefits.
  10. In order to obtain reassurance, trust and satisfaction from our customers, provide high quality services based on superior techniques.
  11. Always giving thought to our stockholders' profit, faithfully fulfill our duties ethically and responsibly.
  12. Irrespective of whether they are tangible or intangible, handle the company's financial assets appropriately and reasonably.
  13. Make sure not to do or behave in deviation from social morals.