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Construction of system infrastructure for mobile carriers

Construction of system infrastructure for mobile carriers

With extensive experience and achievements, customers Optimal infrastructure construction tailored to the environment of Services We are offering.

Started building infrastructure, various Services Expand

CUBE SYSTEM So, we have been participating in the construction of the system infrastructure of mobile phone carrier X company since 1995. For the world's largest system infrastructure of X company, various kinds according to development phase Services We are deploying. This system is operated by approximately 30,000 dedicated terminals at more than 2,000 cellular phone shops nationwide, and a series of products ranging from sales of new mobile terminals to inventory management customer We support the corresponding process in real time.

In charge of the core part of the whole system

Numerous offers Services among, CUBE SYSTEM We are in charge of the core part of the whole system. In the design phase, "DB logic / physical design", "INDEX design", "ORACLE new function operation verification", in the development phase "application processing method review" "SQL coding convention creation" "SQL tune "Performance bottleneck investigation" "ORACLE error analysis" "SQL response verification" in the performance evaluation phase, database In the management phase, there are "Instance Construction", "Object Management / Implementation", "DB Transition", etc., and issues to be solved in each process issue We have made various support. Even now, it covers from the upstream to the downstream of system infrastructure building without leakage by the system of about 100 people.

DBA intervened at the design and development stage, tune Carried out

In this system CUBE SYSTEM of own Sex is the DBA ( database Administrator) intervened tune It is in that it is done. In order to find the optimal execution plan for SQL, the DBA himself / herself wants to check "performance review with designer / developer", "review application processing", "modify SQL itself" tune And we realize cost savings for rework work. Although the performance of the system often becomes clear after the performance test, if the problem is found at that stage, it will return to the design and development stage, so the burden on the cost will become extremely large, CUBE SYSTEM So, instead of trying to fix it after the problem happens, approach in advance to avoid problems Services We are offering.

Extensive response to products

With new technology issue Under Advanced infrastructure In order to make manufacturing from scratch, it is necessary for each individual staff member to become a specialist of products to deal with newly. Even if it is a task required only for that project in the short term, know-how Is not to be utilized only by the project concerned. CUBE SYSTEM Then, we had a wealth of knowledge and knowledge on products infrastructure He has many architect members, customer Optimum system configuration according to requirements proposing Has been realized.

A wide range of responsiveness to the vast number of products provided by each vendor directly leads to the value of system infrastructure construction. Of course, it is not only a system infrastructure construction, Enhance It is the same in business. CUBE SYSTEM Then, telecommunication Of course, in other fields as well, customers To provide an attractive system infrastructure construction for the company.

Voice of site staff

The technology used at the site of system construction is not acquired naturally simply because of experience. Attitude to face novelty against new technologies and wide response ability are required by each SE alone. On the one hand direct the field staff project manager I have to decide the person in charge of the product to be introduced by seeing the properness of the staff and proceed with work assuming overall efficiency. With proper human resources placement and staff's technical response capability customers Perfect for Services We will continue to provide.

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